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Savvy is solving one of the fundamental issues with US healthcare - employer-sponsored health insurance. In the US, your employer chooses your healthcare. Everyone is failed by this arrangement - it is bad for employers, bad for employees, and bad for the entire healthcare system.

Countless health and policy experts identify this as one of the "original sins" of the dysfunctional US healthcare system. For the first time in US history, new regulations allow companies to offer tax-advantaged health budgets to employees instead of pre-selecting health benefits packages. Savvy is building the first benefits platform to facilitate this new way of offering health benefits.

It may sound small, but the implications are huge. When consumers control their budgets the market has to compete for their business. Employees get transparency, choice, and flexibility. It opens up a path for innovative new entrants to find early adopters and better aligns incentives for the entire healthcare system.

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We launched earlier this year and are seeing consistent weekly growth with minimal sales and marketing. We now have over 50 employers on the platform and are hiring to accelerate our growth. We are backed by Precursor Ventures and notable industry angels such as founders of One Medical and Indeed.com.

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We are building our founding team team and hiring across all functions. Our backgrounds include schools like Stanford, Princeton, and Dartmouth. Our experience includes leading the insurance team at Primer AI, engineering leadership at Inkling, and McKinsey.

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Employers do not want to be involved in their employees healthcare - and only do because a WW2 era tax loophole set a precedent that continues to this day. Employees want (and need) better healthcare options. We can deliver on both of these, and the opportunity in front of us is immense.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch! Apply here or send an email to kev@getsavvy.team.

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