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Toronto, Ontario
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1+ years
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Etai Mizrahi
Etai Mizrahi

About the role

Skills & Experience

  • Willingness to talk to and work closely with our customers to solve their unique problems.
  • A fundamental understanding of some of the core technologies in our stack

Role Responsibilities

  • Understand customer outcomes through frequent communication and constructive feedback
  • Become a Secoda expert, developing and maintaining domain expertise to benefit customers
  • Support a low-touch sales cycle via in-trial experience improvements and product demos
  • Own all new customer onboarding, high-level user training and post go-live support
  • Represent the voice of the customer in every core product, marketing and sales process
  • Collaborate closely with team members on support cases, renewals and upsell opportunities
  • Liaise with the product team on escalated customer requirements and technical issues
  • Run small process experiments, analyze outcomes and implement en masse if successful
  • Develop, organize and document successful methodology for future team growth

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a customer success or onboarding role with a SaaS company
  • Bachelor’s Degree in business, marketing, communications or a similar field
  • Experience implementing, configuring and troubleshooting SaaS software applications
  • Experience training end users to configure and use SaaS software applications
  • Experience with HubSpot CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Demonstrable technical and communication skills that translate via email, phone, chat and video
  • A true self-starter that prefers asking for forgiveness over asking for permission
  • A process fanatic interested in scaling their reach through systems and automation
  • A willingness to learn about data analytics technology if not already familiar

Why you should join Secoda

Secoda makes the experience of exploring and using data as intuitive, fast, and useful as using Google Search. Secoda stands for searchable company data and our vision it to continue to work towards a tool that makes browsing for data knowledge as easy as finding a website on Google.

Today, data teams are collecting tons of data, but most employees don't know what data exists, how to use it, and what data to trust. This confusion happens because different components of company data get collected in fragmented tools. Teams use dbt and Snowflake for data cataloging, Google Sheets for events, Confluence for general knowledge, Slack to manage data requests, Mode for reports, Github, Looker, the list goes on and on.

After teams switch to Secoda, data knowledge is centralized in one place. Instead of having to switch between Snowflake, dbt, Confluence Google Sheets, BI tool, and your query editor, Secoda keeps all your data knowledge in one place for everyone who needs it.

Team Size:9
Location:Toronto, Canada
Andrew McEwen
Andrew McEwen
Etai Mizrahi
Etai Mizrahi