Automated codebase maintenance for enterprise

Founding Engineer

$150K - $180K / 1.00% - 3.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Eric Rowell
Eric Rowell

About the role

⚫⚫ About Us:

We are a rapidly growing startup that is pushing the boundaries of AI development. Our mission is to create the most sophisticated AI Agents known to humankind, specializing in automated codebase migrations and upgrades for enterprises.

As we embark on this journey, we are looking for our 4th and 5th pioneers—a dynamic duo ready to shape the AI space alongside our team of visionaries. If you're obsessed with all things AI and hungry to dive into uncharted waters, this is the place for you.

🛠️ Role & Responsibilities:

Spearhead the development, design, and deployment of our state-of-the-art AI agents. Collaborate closely with our passionate founding team to craft the future roadmap. Provide technical mentorship, promoting best practices and setting coding standards. Ensure seamless integration of our agents into our enterprise customer VPCs. Dive deep into the challenges of AI-driven codebase maintenance, creating solutions that are both innovative and practical.

🌟 Requirements:

Proficient in TypeScript, Node.js, and Python. Proven experience in AI development or a burning desire to master it. Strong problem-solving skills and the guts to take on mind-bending challenges. A team player mindset, ready to collaborate and elevate our small but mighty team. Reside in the Bay Area and can commit to in-office collaboration 2 days a week.

⚫⚫ Why Join Us?:

Pioneering Impact: Play an instrumental role in shaping an industry-changing solution. Unparalleled Growth: Learn and grow with the brightest minds in AI and software development. Innovative Environment: Join a culture of thinkers and makers, all driven by a shared vision. Flexibility: Balance office collaborations with remote work, fitting your lifestyle.

About Second

Automated migrations and upgrades for enterprise codebases

Team Size:3
Eric Rowell
Eric Rowell