AI Infrastructure for Video

ML Engineer

San Francisco, CA
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1+ years
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Mokshith Voodarla
Mokshith Voodarla

About the role

🟪 Why work with us?

  • You will work on complex technical problems in AI / ML
  • You have full access to our customers, which gives you a direct feedback loop of how the engineering problems you're solving affects real customer needs
  • You have a direct say in product

🟪 Requirements

  • You are both deeply curious and have strong opinions on the AI / ML space
  • You don't hesitate to voice your opinion
  • You have a strong technical background in software engineering or machine learning

🟪 Apply

If you or someone you know is interested, please send us the resume and any additional info to founders(at) In your email, please include the following (each answer can be 2-4 sentences):

  • Why do you think what we're doing is cool?
  • What do you think about Elon Musk?
  • What do you envision to be the hardest technical problem we'll have to solve?

Why you should join Sieve

Software is disrupting every vertical from media and advertising, to security, supply chain, factories, farming, retail, and more -- and video is becoming an increasingly important part of it. Just think about it -- TikTok, Zoom, smart cameras in your home, in factories, everywhere. Every company powering this disruption is great at building software, but shouldn't have to build out core technology like computer vision or video processing infrastructure internally.

Sieve enables software developers to process and understand video without any AI or infra expertise. We’re like a database that can index video, for any application at any scale -- and we're well on our way to becoming the core infrastructure layer for all visual data.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Abhinav Ayalur
Abhinav Ayalur
Mokshith Voodarla
Mokshith Voodarla