Sigma AI

Sigma AI

AI to automate customer support for e-commerce brands

Sigma AI is an AI platform to automate customer support for e-commerce brands. We help e-commerce brands automate their entire customer support lifecycle - replying, tagging, and closing tickets faster than ever before.

Sigma AI
Team Size:10
Location:Bengaluru, India
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Ashish Agarwal

Co-Founder at Sigma AI- AI support assistant for Shopify brands | Ex-Goldman Sachs | IIT Delhi

Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal
Sigma AI

Pratik Mundra

Co-founder at Sigma AI, Previously founded a Clean Energy business, Ex- Goldman Sachs

Pratik Mundra
Pratik Mundra
Sigma AI

Company Launches

Hi, we are Ashish and Pratik, founders of Sigma AI - an AI platform to automate customer support for E-commerce brands.

We came to work on this idea when we were ordering food from a food delivery service and had to wait almost 15 minutes to talk to an agent - leaving us frustrated. After talking to E-commerce companies, we realized the problems they faced and decided to find a solution.

Problem: E-commerce brands are overwhelmed by the increasing volume of customer inquiries, leading to slow response times, frustrated customers, high support costs, and lost sales.

  • Limited support 🚫: Current support models lack 24/7 availability, causing missed inquiries and lost opportunities.
  • Delayed responses 🕐: Long wait times and inaccurate information frustrate customers and damage brand perception.
  • Inconsistent communication 😕 : New agent training leads to conflicting information and inconsistent brand messaging.
  • Inefficiency and High Cost: Agents waste time on basic questions, hindering their ability to solve complex issues and prevent problems.

Solution: Sigma AI seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store and Gorgias to automatically resolve customer tickets, freeing up your human agents for more complex issues. Our powerful AI can:

  • Respond to frequently asked questions about products, orders, shipping, and returns.
  • Suggest personalized product recommendations based on individual customer preferences.
  • Create subscriptions on Recharge, cancel orders on Shopify, and tag tickets appropriately.
  • Close tickets automatically once the issue has been resolved.
  • Generate draft responses for human agents, saving them valuable time.
  • Learn from your Shopify store, past tickets, FAQs, and other data sources to ensure accurate and personalized support.

How does it work?

Check out this short demo video

Sigma AI works within helpdesk tools like Zendesk/Gorgias and needs to be linked to your Shopify store. It has 2 modes - Autopilot and Co-pilot.

  • In Autopilot mode, it will automatically send responses to customer tickets, take any action like creating a subscription on Recharge or cancel an order on Shopify, tag the ticket appropriately, and close it. You can set up this custom workflow on the Sigma AI dashboard.

  • In Co-pilot mode, AI will suggest response drafts for any incoming ticket which can be used by the support agent to send a response.

You can set up the AI brand voice and tone on the Sigma AI dashboard to customize the AI for your brand. This enables you you create a truly personalized AI for your brand.

It integrates with other tools like Recharge, Loop Returns, and Skio as well. It tackles frequently asked questions about products, orders, shipping, and returns, freeing up your team for more complex issues. Sigma AI learns from your Shopify store, past tickets, FAQs, help docs, and other third-party systems, ensuring accurate and personalized support.

Our Ask

  1. Refer any E-commerce brands, Shopify agencies, or Customer support managers in your network. Referral bonus 💰 for every lead converted. Email us at hello@sigmamind.ai to connect.
  2. If you own a Shopify store, please book a demo with us to see Sigma AI in action. Special deal for YC companies! ❤️