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Software Engineer

$75.5K - $126K / 0.40% - 0.75%
London, UK
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Mahyad G
Mahyad G

About the role


  • Build Chrome extensions system for WebKit in Swift

  • Salary £60-100k in salary and £60-100k in EMI stock options

  • Get great benefits and work from an open space office!

Who are we?

🚀 We are a YC company backed by amazing people like LocalGlobe and Carmen Rico building the browser that works the way you do!

🥇 We became Product Hunt’s number 1 product of day, week and month!

❤️ We are a community focused startup that openly builds with all our users who send us feedback and talk to us on our community

Does this sound like you?

🤩 Likes to work on fun and interesting products

🧐 Takes ownership of their tasks

🔊 Always communicates when there is an issue or a need


  • 3+ years industry / startup experience
  • Experience with SwiftUI
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Experience with iOS / iPadOS / macOS development

Bonus points

  • Experience with WebKit
  • Chrome extension API
  • Experience with AppKit
  • Experience with Xcode instruments
  • Experience with GCP / AWS
  • Experience with PostgreSQL

What would you be doing?

Alongside your incredible team you’ll work on building a browser where people will have a delightful experience while working on it.

Build how a browser in 2022 should feel and look like, while smashing any nasty bugs that try to creep in.

Work alongside your team to build out and maintain our Chrome extension API that we built for WebKit. All of Chrome’s extensions in a Safari engine!

But that’s not all, make cross device syncing a seamless and delightful experience for every SigmaOS user.

Finally take charge on making sure SigmaOS’s performance always outperforms the competition!

Show me the money

We do our best to compensate everyone fairly, therefore we offer choice of stock options vs salary and additional equity on top of your base salary

💰 £60,000-100,000 in base salary

💸 £60,000-100,000 in EMI stock options scheme


🏥  Private Healthcare included

🏡  £1000 for your set up

💻  MacBook Pro for work

📚  £200 per month for mental health, gym, online courses & more

🤰Generous maternity, paternity, and peternity leave

About the interview

So wanna be part of building the future of the workOS? Well, apply now!

We have a pretty straight forward process with no fuss:

  1. 15 min introductory chat: You'll have a chat with Mahyad (CEO) or Ali (CPO) where we get to tell you more about SigmaOS and meet you for the first time.

  2. 60 min Technical chat: You’ll be pair programming with Saurav (CTO) on a language agnostic challenge 🧑‍💻

  3. 45 min Team/Culture fit chat: You'll have a chat with Mahyad (CEO) or Ali (CPO) to get a feel for each others vibes and if we're a great team/culture fit for each other - it's a two way street!

  4. Come and work with us for one day: The best way to figure out if we can work together is by actually working together. You’ll get to meet the rest of the team and work closely with your potential future colleagues on SigmaOS related work! You will be paid for the one day 😊

  5. Make the offer: Finally after a reference check from both sides, we will also provide references obviously, if all is good and well we will contact you with our offer! 😊

Have any questions? Email us at

About SigmaOS

The first web browser made for work!

SigmaOS is a new type of browser designed for founders, researchers, and content creators to make you better and faster at working on the web.

We are a YC backed company on the path to create the next era of browsers, what we call the workOS! 🚀

We became Product Hunt’s number 1 product of day, week and month during August! 🥇

After our success on Product hunt we didn’t slow down, we continued building the best product for our users with our users! ❤️

Team Size:5
Location:London, United Kingdom
Ali Attar
Ali Attar
Mahyad G
Mahyad G
Saurav Mitra
Saurav Mitra