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1+ years
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Pranay Prateek
Pranay Prateek

About the role

SigNoz is a global open source project with users in 30+ countries. We are building an open-source application monitoring which helps developers monitor their applications and troubleshoot problems, quickly.

In less than a year of our launch, we have reached 6000+ Github stars, 900+ members in the slack community and 60+ contributors.

At SigNoz, you will be building a world-class deep tech infra product. We are building an open-source observability platform. You will be building a system that can handle 1M events per sec. You will be part of the first few hires in our team and will have the opportunity to own a significant part of the product.

Here are our Github repo ->

Why us?

  • Opportunity to work in a global dev infra product from India
  • Work on an open-source product. Engage with the community. Evangelize the product. Build your GitHub profile
  • Work with high volumes of data and real-time applications. There are some real perf challenges in doing this well you would love to solve
  • The founding team from IITs who are/have been devs themselves
  • Our stack includes Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Golang, OpenTelemetry, ClickHouse, Apache Druid, Kafka
  • Backed by Y Combinator and some great angel and VC investors

What you will do

  • Pair with the engineering and product team to verify the functionality and integrity of the new features.
  • Perform manual/automated testing on the newly built features.
  • Challenge the product and perform various scenarios to find weak points and bugs.
  • Write automated test cases to automate the testing process.
  • Contribute towards improving the product through valuable feedback and UX suggestions.

Tech Stack

FrontEnd - React.js, Typescript, Jest, Cypress Backend - Golang, Clickhouse, Open Telemetry Infrastructure - Docker, Kubernetes


  • 1 year (or equivalent) of experience testing JavaScript-based software products.
  • Have a basic understanding of the web and how the modern frontend works.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and React.js.
  • Optional - Know how to write automated test cases using modern testing techniques and technologies like Cypress and Jest.
  • Brownie Points Have a good understanding of software products. Curious to explore the product and have a tinkerer mindset to find weak points.

Seems like something right up your alley?

Just apply on this site or email your CV and an optional intro note to me at pranay at SigNoz dot io. Feel free to include links to your GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, or blog posts.

Our process involves a short initial exploratory chat, followed by three interviews/discussions. The aim is for both sides to learn more about each other. The timeline is ~10 days unless you need more time.

Why you should join SigNoz

SigNoz is an open source alternative to DataDog, NewRelic. We help developers monitor their applications and troubleshoot any problem.

We have got lots of interest from the dev community with 6000+ stars , 900+ slack community members within a year of launching the project. Here's our Github repo

We are backed by prominent angels & funds including Y Combinator.

Team Size:9
Location:Bengaluru, India
Ankit Nayan
Ankit Nayan
Pranay Prateek
Pranay Prateek