Wearable and At-Home protein monitoring with silicon photonic chips

Biochemistry + Assay Development Intern at SiPhox

$15 - $25
Greater Boston Area
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Michael Dubrovsky
Michael Dubrovsky

About the role

We are looking for a Biochemistry and Assay Development Intern to help us develop our multiplexed at-home diagnostics tool!

Company Overview

SiPhox, a Khosla Ventures, and Y-Combinator backed startup, is building a next-generation diagnostics platform that provides the power of large laboratory instruments in a handheld device that accepts disposable cartridges. Each cartridge can multiplex many biomarkers on a single $0.50 silicon photonic chip and provides a highly sensitive readout of immunoassays and molecular diagnostics. The sensor chips are made in standard silicon chip foundry processes and can be easily scaled to provide a billion tests per week. SiPhox is based in the Boston area.

Internship Overview

Your responsibilities will include developing immunoassays, testing photonic sensor chips and collaborating with SiPhox's interdisciplinary sensor development team. Fifty percent of your time will be spent on collaborative work and fifty percent will be allocated to an individual project that you will lead.

What to Expect:

  • Use first principles physics as a basis for every decision
  • "Work on cutting-edge tech with a team of intelligent people from diverse fields, while being given disproportionate responsibility and exposure based on age/ school year." - JC, Stanford Undergrad
  • "An experienced team invested in not only the company's goals but also interns’ development." - SF, U Michigan Grad Student
  • "Opportunity to learn and grow in several disciplines, rare freedom to direct your own experimental/work course." - TS, Harvard Undergrad
  • "Progress rapidly while working with an interdisciplinary team, great mentorship and instruction, gain exposure and expertise with a variety of technologies." - NP, MIT Undergrad

You are a good fit if:

  • "You have the ability to do independent, self-guided work and communicate that work to team." - JC, Stanford Undergrad
  • "You have the ability to think and troubleshoot systematically/scientifically, self-organization balancing multiple responsibilities. You have the desire to know well/'own' a particular area."- TS, Harvard Undergrad
  • "You have the ability to design and plan thorough experiments, present data clearly and accurately to team members, also the willingness to learn rapidly when presented with new material / expectations."-NP, MIT Undergrad


  • Free Lifetime Gym Membership (3-minute walk from the office, this gym offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna and jacuzzi facilities, Squash and Basketball courts, as well as personal trainers and fitness lessons)


  • Full time
  • Monday - Friday
  • Occasional Weekend Work
  • All Work On-Site
  • 6+ months preferred

Note: Internships have the potential to be converted to full-time positions. All work is on-site and overtime hours are expected.

About SiPhox

Wearable and At-Home protein monitoring with silicon photonic chips

Team Size:15
Location:Burlington, MA
Michael Dubrovsky
Michael Dubrovsky
Diedrik Vermeulen
Diedrik Vermeulen