Wearable and At-Home protein monitoring with silicon photonic chips

Full Stack Software Engineering Intern

Greater Boston area
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Michael Dubrovsky
Michael Dubrovsky

About the role

We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineering Intern to help us develop our multiplexed at-home diagnostics tool!

Company Overview

SiPhox, a Khosla Ventures, and Y-Combinator backed startup, is building a next-generation diagnostics platform that provides the power of large laboratory instruments in a handheld device that accepts disposable cartridges. Each cartridge can multiplex many biomarkers on a single $0.50 silicon photonic chip and provides a highly sensitive readout of immunoassays and molecular diagnostics. The sensor chips are made in standard silicon chip foundry processes and can be easily scaled to provide a billion tests per week. SiPhox is based in the Boston area.

Internship Overview

We are looking for full stack software engineer with strong software and robotics/automation skills to assist with the ongoing development of bio-automation for our R&D team. (A plus if you have a background in both biology and engineering.)

Basic Skillsets:

  • Hands-on experience in Python programming and test automation
  • UI/UX development experience using PyQt, PySide, Tkinter is necessary
  • Experience with Python packages numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and data analysis packages like pandas, seaborn is needed
  • Providing a GitHub profile showcasing previous related work projects is encouraged

Preferred skillset:

  • Experience with development of cross-platform (Windows/Android/iOS) UIs that can visualize real-time data streams from serial, or wireless peripherals would be helpful
  • Experience with setting up and interacting with RDBMS/NoSQL/Cloud databases like DynamodB, AWS S3 is helpful
  • Experience with Node.js, REACT, or other UI frameworks
  • Experience with setting up, managing, and interfacing EC2, Lambda, and DynamoDB with Python applications is a plus
  • Optimize SiPhox's fully-automated robotic systems, including calibration, troubleshooting, and repair of associated peripheral hardware devices (working with systems like the Opentrons liquid handler and automated microfluidic pumps)
  • Architect additional modules of automation software in a user-friendly fashion
  • Advise users on ways to incorporate automation into their lab workflow and provide user-friendly solutions.
  • Establish and manage standard operating procedures (SOP) for routine and standardized protocols

What to Expect:

  • Use first principles physics as a basis for every decision
  • "Work on cutting-edge tech with a team of intelligent people from diverse fields, while being given disproportionate responsibility and exposure based on age/ school year." - JC, Stanford Undergrad
  • "An experienced team invested in not only the company's goals but also interns’ development." - SF, U Michigan Grad Student
  • "Opportunity to learn and grow in several disciplines, rare freedom to direct your own experimental/work course." - TS, Harvard Undergrad


  • Full time
  • Monday - Friday
  • Occasional Weekend Work
  • All Work On-Site
  • 6+ months preferred

Why you should join SiPhox

Wearable and At-Home protein monitoring with silicon photonic chips

Team Size:15
Location:Burlington, MA
Michael Dubrovsky
Michael Dubrovsky
Diedrik Vermeulen
Diedrik Vermeulen