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Graphics Engineer at Sketchbox

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3+ years
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Joe Connolly
Joe Connolly

About the role

We're looking for an experienced graphics engineer to help optimize SWARM for Oculus Quest and other VR headsets.


  • Ensure good performance on Oculus Quest
  • Work collaboratively with programmers and artists to implement performance optimizations

Required Skills:

  • 3+ years of experience with C# and Unity
  • Extensive GPU and shader experience
  • Experience optimizing games for mobile GPUs
  • Unity expertise with lighting & rendering, physics, animation
  • Working knowledge of Git/Github

Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with Oculus Quest and RenderDoc
  • Built & shipped games for VR

Why you should join Sketchbox

Sketchbox is like WordPress for VR training simulations, we’ve built the underlying infrastructure that makes creating and updating VR training simulations fast. We primarily work with Fortune 500 companies, and all of our training sims include full student analytics and no-code scenario editors. All training simulations designed with Sketchbox work on the next generation of portable VR headsets, which are battery powered, don’t require a laptop and cost $400.