Subscriptions for Shopify

Head of Operations at Skio

San Francisco / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Kennan Davison
Kennan Davison

About the role

Lead partnerships while wearing a lot of hats.

You will:

  • Find & maintain partnerships (Shopify apps, agencies, influencers, CRO experts, etc)
  • Write co-marketing blog posts
  • Create social media content
  • Build an affiliate program
  • Find ways to make customers happy
  • Run customer case studies

Must have experience/connections in Shopify ecosystem.

Big plus for founders and growth-focused, entrepreneurial types who are laser-focused on making people love us. In the end, we'd rather have 1 person who loves us than 100 who are neutral.

Company hiring is same. We'd rather hire 1 rockstar-fit and take really good care of them over 100 just-ok-fits.

Why you should join Skio

Skio ( helps brands on Shopify sell subscriptions without ripping their hair out.

Customers include Muddy Bites (, Supply (, Stryx (, Red Bay Coffee (, & Remedy Organics (

Investors include Y Combinator (, Jeremy Cai (Italic, @jjeremycai), Shaan Puri (My First Million, @ShaanVP), Julian Shapiro (Demand Curve, @julian), Kevin Lee (immi, @kevinleeme), Jeff Chang (Growth Advisor, @JeffChang30), & many D2C angels.

We do better than current solutions through native Shopify checkout (no duplicate products/external checkout), 10x faster subscription editing, passwordless login (customer tickets around login solved), a ready-to-go headless subscription portal (instant loads), cancel flows (churn reduction), group subscription discounts (referrals 2.0), and an easy migration from ReCharge (no payment method updates needed).