Subscriptions for Shopify

Software Engineer (Full Stack)

$100k - $200k
San Francisco
Job Type
1+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Kennan Davison
Kennan Davison

About the role

Wear many hats (eng, growth, product, design), build things that matter, and learn lots along the way.

You will:

  • Build subscription widget features for D2C merchant product pages (Red Bay Coffee)
  • Build subscription portal features (group subscription flows, cancellation flows)
  • Build merchant dashboard features (analytics, rulesets)
  • Listen to merchant problems and come up with clever ideas to solve said problems (while properly opportunity-sizing)

Big plus for founders and growth-focused, entreprenurial types who are laser-focused on making merchants love us. In the end, we'd rather have 1 merchant who loves us than 100 who are neutral.

Company hiring is same. We'd rather hire 1 amazing-fit and take really good care of them over 100 just-ok-fits.

1 or more years of experience preferred, but if you feel like that doesn't apply to you, go for it anyways.

Must be based in San Francisco. Working from home as needed is totally ok though.

Why you should join Skio

Skio ( helps brands on Shopify sell subscriptions without ripping their hair out.

We do better than current solutions through passwordless login (#1 customer ticket solved), group subscription discounts (referrals 2.0), built-in cancellation discounts (~41% churn reduction), native Shopify checkout (no duplicate products/external checkout), and have an easy migration from ReCharge (no payment method updates needed).

Customers include Supply (, Magic Mind (, Stryx (, Red Bay Coffee (, A Good Company (, Remedy Organics ( & Big Life Journal (

Investors include Y Combinator, Altair Capital, & many D2C angels.