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Head of Growth at Skio

New York / Remote
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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Kennan Davison
Kennan Davison

About the role

Skio ( helps brands on Shopify sell subscriptions. This is also actually a trojan horse into a much bigger vision as well :)

We’re growing extremely quick after launching in late April 2021 and just closed a $3.7m seed from top investors including Y Combinator, Adjacent, James Beshara, Jeremy Cai (Italic), Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP), Julian Shapiro (Demand Curve), Roman Khan (Linjer, Raycon), Kevin Lee (immi), Maneet Khaira (Backbone), & many more.

Ways we stand out:

  • Can give lots of equity. We'll always take 1 amazing-fit over 3 average-fits. Solo founder so this can actually happen for the right people
  • Customers like Bev, MatchaBar, Muddy Bites, Red Bay Coffee, Stryx, Barukas, Remedy Organics
  • Have clear product-market-fit and in pure execution mode. Incumbent (ReCharge) is worth $2.1b, is extremely painful to use, and is extremely easy to migrate existing subscribers from
  • Transaction fee business model (1% + 20c) means we make lots of money


  • Are a talented past or future founder or growth marketing leader with experience scaling marketing to join our early team (<10)
  • Are creative, autonomous, and understand what it takes to build hype with our d2c audience.
  • Have at least 3-5 years of previous b2b SaaS experience (bonus: d2c experience)
  • Are an experienced growth marketer and understand content strategy
  • Are experienced across multiple distribution channels and know how to ramp up on new channels quickly
  • Previously managed agency relationships and/or a marketing team (bonus: experience building out a market team)
  • Are obsessive about structuring experiments like a scientist with clear hypotheses, structured A/B tests, reporting on results, and iterating based on what you learn
  • Know how to execute at a high level to get the flywheel moving until you're ready to make smart bets on where to invest talent/budget to go further
  • Are a systems thinker, who will help us build out the marketing tool stack and document processes to set us up to scale
  • Are willing to take ownership over other areas of the business eg. supporting investor updates and fundraising

Why you should join Skio

Skio ( helps brands on Shopify sell subscriptions without ripping their hair out.

Customers include Bev (, MatchaBar (, Muddy Bites (, Stryx (, Doe Lashes (, Barukas (, Red Bay Coffee (, & Remedy Organics (

We've raised $3.7m from investors like Y Combinator (, Adjacent (Nico Wittenborn), James Beshara (Magic Mind, @jamesbeshara), Jeremy Cai (Italic, @jjeremycai), Daniel Rutberg/Moody Nashawaty (Mutesix), Shaan Puri (My First Million, @ShaanVP), Julian Shapiro (Demand Curve, @julian), Roman Khan (Linjer, Raycon), Paul Michaux (Prose), Kevin Lee (immi, @kevinleeme), Geoff Miles (Bev), Kal Freese (Taika), Mike Rossi (, Lauren Jarvis (Literati), Maneet Khaira (Backbone), Adrian Alfieri (@adrianalfieri), Grace Clarke (@graceclarke), Sahil Bloom (@SahilBloom), Alex Whatley (Cresicor), Jeff Chang (Growth Advisor, @JeffChang30), Mike Angell (Carted), Roland Cassirer/Ryan Brennan/Phil Kramer (Orchard Analytics), Yunyu Lin/Rahul Sengottuvelu (Cohere), & many D2C angels.

We do better than current solutions through native Shopify checkout (increased conversions with PayPal option, no duplicate products, no url, no separate refunding), passwordless login (customer tickets around login solved), 10x faster subscription editing, a ready-to-go headless subscription portal (instant loads), group subscription discounts (referrals 2.0), and an easy migration from ReCharge (no payment method updates needed).

The company is founded by Kennan Davison (, an ex-Pinterest growth engineer & college dropout.