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Partner Engineer at Slapdash

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3+ years
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Ivan Kanevski
Ivan Kanevski

About the role

At Slapdash we are building the future of work tools, with a focus on speed and unlocking new leverage for the modern computer worker.

We are hiring our first partner engineer. The role is mostly a software engineering role, but it's centered around empowering the Slapdash partner, developer and customer ecosystem. It's an engineer role with a developer advocacy component.

You'll be helping us build new Slapdash integrations and level up existing ones. You'll be helping our customers get set up with the development platform. And you'll get to build toys and tools on top of Slapdash, showing off the range of what Slapdash can do.

It's a creative engineering role that demands strong communication skills and also benefits from a good intuition on business opportunities.

Who we're looking for

  • Engineer with strong technical abilities
  • Creative and flexible problem solvers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Engineers who love learning new things
  • Engineers who love to be at the intersection of product & business
  • Empathetic communicators, entrepreneurial in spirit

What you'll be doing

  • Build brand new integrations and improve existing ones
  • Get creative with our app partners and help them build great Slapdash experiences
  • Help customers extend Slapdash for their needs
  • Building toys and tools with our development platform
  • Inform and build the future of the Slapdash development platform
  • Help establish a fun, fulfilling, world-class engineering culture

Why Slapdash

  • Work on something that you use every day
  • An opportunity to invent and build the future of work
  • Competitive salary, equity and benefits: 401(k), medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Your choice of equipment and software
  • Work from anywhere

Why you should join Slapdash

Slapdash brings all your apps together in one place to give you new superpowers.

We have built a low-latency file-system for your cloud apps (Github, Figma, Notion, etc.) and the fastest interface in the world on top to drive it: the Command Bar.

It's like Spotlight for your work.

We are a venture-backed company, founded by a group of experienced technologists. Our team has built large-scale software, enjoyed by millions, for the likes of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & Dropbox.