Treat your data like a product. Data Governance for Snowflake.

Founding Engineer UI & UX (remote)

$16k - $22k / 0.50% - 1.50%
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Rick Radewagen
Rick Radewagen

About the role

🛷 At Sled we help organizations like Flixbus, AXA, or Clari find, understand, and trust their data.

🛡️ Data is the foundation of the information economy! Our mission is to help everybody in an organization to take data-driven decisions. We do that by democratizing access to trusted data and metrics.

❄️ Our laser focus on the Snowflake eco-system lets us build valuable workflows across the analytics value chain.

A major challenge at Sled is supporting a diverse set of users (highly technical to business) with relevant information. Business is changing fast, data is complex and there is a lot of noise. It is only getting worse. Help our customers by building a high signal UI that involves metric charts, execution graphs, data notifications, dashboards, …

If you are passionate about great user experience, and high-quality code, like working in a fast-moving, friendly, yet professional team, join Sled for the experience of a lifetime.


  • must have: VueJS, Design, Git
  • nice to have: Python, SQL, CI

In this role, you will

  • Be an early member of the team with significant influence on both the product and the company
  • Collaborate in a state-of-the-art development process with source control, testing, code review, continuous integration, code screening, bugs fixed before writing new code, agile planning
  • Own features end-to-end, with the chance to develop your own solutions and engage directly with customers
  • Have a significant equity stake in the company and own results of your work

You may be a fit for this role if you

  • Have a couple of years of software development experience
  • Care deeply about users and want to help them solve their problems
  • Prefer a calm, asynchronous, work style that gives you time and space to focus
  • Want to work with people who are invested in your growth
  • Take pride in shipping great work fast and find joy in seeing it used
  • Are able to unblock yourself (e.g. by writing some Python back-end code)
  • Have experience or a strong interest in data analytics
  • Love learning and stepping-out-of-your-comfort-zone

🌍 The Sled team is inclusive and diverse.
People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply.

Prefered location: GMT-3 to GMT+5

About the interview

40 min chat with co-founder Rick

  • Getting to know each other
  • Understand your motivation and past achievements
  • Answer your questions about the job, team, company...

Meet the team (2 or 3 calls x 20min)

  • Introduce each other
  • Answer technical questions

Paid Co-Working for 3-5 days (full-time)

  • Nothing helps us to understand if we have a fit better than actually working together.
  • This is like a small contract gig that will be paid and contains real tasks on our real code base.
  • We know this is a big ask since you probably need to take some days off for this. But to build a great team, there is no way around that. Worst case: you learn something and earn some money.

Why you should join Sled

We help organizations find, understand, and trust their data.

Our mission is to help everybody in an organization to take data-driven decisions, by democratizing access to trusted high-quality data and metrics.

Team Size:4
Location:Heidelberg, Germany
Rick Radewagen
Rick Radewagen
Sven Rudolph
Sven Rudolph
Theo Tortorici
Theo Tortorici