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Data Infrastructure Engineer (Senior & Staff)

$100K - $250K
San Francisco, CA
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1+ years
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Alice Deng
Alice Deng

About the role

About Us

We empower growing businesses by making access to capital easy.

The inspiration for Slope came from Lawrence’s parents having spent the past three decades in the wholesale business, importing products and selling them to small businesses across Brazil. From having worked with them, we realized small mom-and-pop stores are limited by their working capital and that business loans are complicated to navigate.

At Slope (YC S21), we are building Buy Now, Pay Later for B2B businesses. We enable any business to pay with installments at checkout. Buy Now, Pay Later is the foundation to rebuilding the messy cross-border B2B payments infrastructure — our vision is to be Stripe for global B2B.

In a span of 7 months, we went from pre-product to processing over millions monthly transaction volume – growing 121% MoM. We're also well funded – raising a total of $32M to date.

✨ Why work with us?

  • You will get the chance to be an early team member at a fast-growth YC startup. We truly believe that it’s “slope” — not where you start but how fast we are growing and iterating.
  • We are growing insanely fast (growing 121% each month for the past 6 months, with signed contracts to 20X, and a growing waitlist that’s dwarfing our ability to keep up). This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our rocketship at an inflection point!
  • We’re a tight-knit, intense team, where you'll learn a ton and be trusted with extreme ownership.
  • Help small underdog business owners thrive and compete against large corporations.

✅ Apply

If you or someone you know is interested, please send us your resume and any additional info (live projects, portfolio, github) to founders(at)

🦾 The Role

As the first MLE hire, you will play a foundational role in building the models and infrastructure powering Slope’s underwriting. Our AI is a blank slate right now. If the thought of building things from scratch and owning features end-to-end excites you, you’d be a perfect fit!

Your roles would include:

  • Building the core risk models powering underwriting. The outputs of these models will determine who we lend to, how much we lend, and what terms we offer – our core business activity.
  • You will own everything from building pipelines & writing training loops to deploying the model to real-time production code.
  • Seeking out new data sources, such as credit bureaus, fraud-detection services, and alternative sources (social media, satellite & street views). Integrating promising APIs into our production & training pipelines.
  • Building the infrastructure that powers data ingestion, model training, and deployment.
  • Collaborating cross-functionally with Engineering and Finance.

📈 Requirements

  • 2+ years in Data Science, Data Engineering, or ML Engineering in a production setting
  • Experience with a core ML library (i.e., PyTorch, TF, Keras) and the DS stack (Pandas, Scikit, Numpy)
  • Fluency in Python and SQL
  • Willing to work in person at SF office
  • Being proactive and a fast-learner (Slope! ⚡)

🚀 Bonus points

  • Entrepreneurial mindset (we encourage all employees to be future founders and this can be a great stepping stone towards that)
  • Customer-centric and passionate about helping small businesses grow
  • Experience with a web framework (i.e. Django, Nextjs)
  • Experience at a high-growth, fast-paced startup

About Slope

Slope (Y Combinator S21 batch) provides Buy Now, Pay Later for B2B businesses. Slope enables any business to pay with installments at checkout. They are live on fast-growing B2B marketplaces, secured debt capital partnerships, and regulation compliance. Buy Now, Pay Later is the foundation to rebuilding the messy cross-border B2B payments infrastructure — our vision is to be Stripe for global B2B.

Team Size:16
Location:San Francisco
Alice Deng
Alice Deng
Lawrence Lin Murata
Lawrence Lin Murata