Resolve your debt collection lawsuit with SoloSuit

Senior Software Engineer

$125K - $200K / 0.10% - 1.50%
United States / Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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Scott Erickson
Scott Erickson

About the role

Do you like your code clean? Do you like it DRY? Do you like it well-structured? Then you will like engineering products at SoloSuit.

We are looking for a generalist—frontend and backend development will be in your purview. You will also work closely with the co-founders of the company.

This is a remote, work from home position for somebody living in the continental United States. This position is full-time. You must be legally authorized to work in the US; we do not sponsor visas at this time.


  • A university degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • 4+ years of full-stack, non-intern experience
  • The ability to learn and excel in Ruby on Rails
  • The ability to write understandable, maintainable, tested, and secure code
  • A drive to root cause operational issues
  • English prose and technical writing skills
  • The ability to review other’s code and give constructive feedback
  • The ability to take constructive feedback on your code
  • The ability to research various solutions to solve a problem
  • An awareness of what well architected software looks like
  • The ability to work through ambiguity

About SoloSuit

SoloSuit is helping people resolve debt lawsuits. These suits are often unfair because they target the wrong person, or the amount named is exorbitantly above the original amount. Lawyers usually will not help you mount a defense because they'd rather take larger cases, or at least charge you a fee that is as much as what you're being sued for.

SoloSuit is aiming to help people in this situation, which is called access to justice. Join us in this mission.

Team Size:3
Location:Provo, UT
Scott Erickson
Scott Erickson
George Simons
George Simons