Universal financial transaction data enrichment

Backend Engineer

$120k - $175k / 0.30% - 0.70%
New York, NY
Job Type
3+ years
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Cooper Hart
Cooper Hart

About the role

Who we are

Spade is the next generation of fintech infrastructure. We’re building a financial data enrichment API purpose built to empower our customers to uncover the truth hidden within their transaction data. We help our customers underwrite, detect fraud, build better banking infrastructure and build a unique understanding of their end customers spending habits.

We're a fast growing seed stage remote first company backed by incredible investors and industry experts.

We're a team passionate about building exceptional products for our growing customer base. We care deeply about diversity of opinion, background, and experience and strive to create an environment where individuals are given the opportunity to take ownership over their work.

What you’ll be working on: As an early member of our engineering team you'll be able to make a large impact, have a great deal of ownership, and will be presented with opportunities to work in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • API design
  • ML and data labelling systems
  • Crowdsourcing & Continuously improving systems
  • ML & Data tooling
  • Searching and correlating between huge datasets
  • Infrastructure & scalability

Who we're looking for: We're looking for experienced engineers who can wear a lot of hats and lay a strong foundation for a growing team. We're hiring for several positions, and are especially interested in candidates that have experience in some of the following areas:

  • Python and SQL
  • Search and Data Matching
  • ML & NPL
  • Cloud infrastructure (AWS)
  • API design
  • Managing and cleaning large datasets
  • Devops

Why you should join Spade

Spade is unlocking the next generation of fintech development. Transaction data is core to financial technology and Spade is ensuring companies can uncover the value locked within their customers data without investing valuable developer time, or hiring ML experts and data scientists.

Spade is a universal transaction enrichment API purpose-built for Fintech. With a single API call we take raw transaction data and add normalized merchant identities, categories, granular geo data, and more.

We were founded in Vancouver Canada but expect to be HQ'd in New York within the year. We've just closed a $1M pre-seed round with some incredible investors and are actively looking to expand our team. We're looking for exceptional engineers interested in solving challenging problems with autonomy.

Team Size:2
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Cooper Hart
Cooper Hart
Oban MacTavish
Oban MacTavish