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San Francisco, CA
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Cory Li
Cory Li

About the role

We're looking for a talented community-manager to join our small team of world-class artist and engineers in building the world's first ML-powered game!


We have an active player-base of several thousand players spread across discord, reddit, and twitter, and we're looking for a talented individual to both help us manage our social media, as well as field simple customer support requests and answer common player questions.

No previous experience required! But ideally you:

  • Like our game (iOS, Android)
  • Play other gacha games (e.g. FGO, FEH, GBF, etc.)
  • Have some experience with moderation or community management
  • Are good at responding to people in a timely manner.
  • (optionally) are good at shitposting. Your meme-game is on fire.

To apply:

  • Send us a link to your twitter, reddit, and maybe any other posts (blog or otherwise) you've written in the past!
  • Maybe include a quick witty paragraph about why you'd like to work on anime gacha games.
  • Also include the name of best waifu/husbando in your application!

About Spellbrush

We're a small, tight-knit team of MIT-trained researchers applying the latest advancements in deep learning for anime and video games. You might know us from our viral internet meme site waifulabs.com

Our AI artist assistant helps illustrators and animators finish pieces up to 10x faster by automating away much of the manual labor involved in shading, rendering, and coloring.

| !Generated Anime Face 1 | !Generated Anime Face 2 | !Generated Anime Face 3 | ----------- | ----------- | ----------- |

None of the above three images were drawn by human artists. All three were drawn entirely by artificial intelligence! No human post processing involved.

We can also get the AI to animate our generated characters too if we ask nicely enough!

| !Generated Character | !Animated Character | | ----------- | ----------- |

Team Size:9
Location:San Francisco
Cory Li
Cory Li
Ruwen Liu
Ruwen Liu
Haitao Mao
Haitao Mao