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dairy reinvented from plants

People want plant-based dairy. But, today, plant-based dairy is prohibitively expensive due to the use of nuts as the primary ingredient. I created Spero (sperofoods.co) because I wanted everyone to be able to eat clean dairy alternatives that actually taste good. So, I leveraged my background in engineering, chemistry, and art to develop Spero's patent-pending formulations and brand. At Spero, we make dairy from seeds. Why seeds? Almonds/cashews (nuts), which comprise the majority of the dairy alternatives industry today, will never create cost comparable products with dairy because they are too expensive and they're hard to scale. They take too much time, space, water, and human labor. Seeds are 7-8x less expensive and grow 50-70x faster than nuts. Spero owns exclusive rights to the technology needed to transform seeds into dairy alternatives. Not only does our pending-patent cover novel processing techniques for cheeses, but it’s comprehensive for all dairy alternatives, including milk, creamers, yogurt, and even eggs. By using truly scalable ingredients and cutting-edge technology, Spero will be the first company to make plant-based dairy cheaper than traditional dairy products. Spero will be the first company to make dairy alternatives mainstream. Recent Press: IAB’s Most Disruptive Brands in the U.S. Forbes Under 30 Most Innovative Startups TED Women Food Trends Winter Fancy Food Show Standout Startup

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phäedra randolph, Founding CEO

I have led engineering teams and designed backend systems at Facebook HQ, Goldman Sachs, and acquired startups. I’ve also created and directed not-for-profit organizations at Harvard, Cornell, and Facebook. Before my professional career, I was a nationally-ranked competitive athlete for lacrosse and ice hockey and an award-winning artist. I studied Operations Research & Information Engineering and Pre-Medicine at Cornell, with research in neuroscience and nutrition.

phäedra randolph
phäedra randolph
Spero Foods