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DevSecOps Engineer

$110K - $150K
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
6+ years
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Karl Clement
Karl Clement

About the role

About Us:

At EchoLayer, we are passionate about serving the application security community by delivering tools that shape the future of secure software development. Recognizing the challenges that AppSec and DevSecOps professionals face, we aim to empower them with innovative solutions, bridging gaps between development, security, and operations. If you're eager to craft tools that revolutionize application security, EchoLayer is where your impact will resonate.

Position Overview:

We're seeking a talented DevSecOps Engineer who will lead the design and development of groundbreaking tools specifically for AppSec professionals. Your work will be instrumental in bolstering the capabilities of DevSecOps teams globally, ensuring that security is seamlessly interwoven throughout the software development lifecycle.

Key Responsibilities:

Tool Development: Design and build cutting-edge tools that cater to the distinct needs of both AppSec and DevSecOps engineers, streamlining their workflows and bolstering security.

Collaboration: Engage with AppSec and DevSecOps professionals to understand their pain points, challenges, and tool requirements, ensuring our solutions are aptly targeted.

Security Automation: Drive the integration of security automations and checks within the tools, ensuring robustness and compliance with industry standards.

Continuous Improvement: Keep abreast of emerging trends, vulnerabilities, and best practices in both AppSec and DevSecOps to continuously refine and enhance our tool suite.

Education & Advocacy: Lead workshops, webinars, and training sessions that showcase the capabilities of our tools and promote best practices in their utilization.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or a related field. 5+ years of experience in DevSecOps, with a notable background in tool or product development. Proficiency in scripting languages (Python, JavaScript, Shell, etc.). Solid experience with CI/CD pipelines and an understanding of the tool requirements for AppSec and DevSecOps engineers. A comprehensive grasp of application security challenges and DevSecOps methodologies.

What EchoLayer will do for you:

Competitive salary with stock options. Comprehensive benefits package including health, and dental plans. Learn directly from the founders and collaborate closely together to get the best possible product. We will send you the tools you need to be the best version of yourself (swag, laptop, you name it). Opportunity to shape the future of application security tools and solutions. Regular hackathons and innovation days. A vibrant, inclusive, and growth-oriented environment.

About Squire.ai (fka EchoLayer)

EchoLayer is a platform that enables you to map, analyze, and identify the teams and engineers with the most knowledge of your code base. With AI-powered attribution, security teams can identify the best teams to resolve vulnerabilities faster and promote accountability.

We're a team of curious, hard-working, dedicated, and talented individuals working together to build one of the most critical tools in the engineering toolchain. We are looking for people who want to explore and jump out of their comfort zones to make with the very best.

Squire.ai (fka EchoLayer)
Team Size:8
Location:San Francisco
Karl Clement
Karl Clement
Saumil Patel
Saumil Patel
Brandon Waselnuk
Brandon Waselnuk