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UI / UX Designer (Contract)

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3+ years
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Sarah Ahmad
Sarah Ahmad

About the role

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Role

As a UI / UX Designer, you will design intuitive workflows for our users — CEOs, founders, and operations managers of fast-growing companies all around the world. Many of our customers describe our product as “magical and easy-to-use”, and we want our customers to continue to love Stable and to drive positive referrals.

A few areas you’ll work on include:

  • Design features end-to-end — From incorporating a search bar to updating the onboarding process, create and validate wireframes to visualize workflows
  • Improve existing features in the Dashboard — Conduct user interviews and analyze product metrics to identify and solve usability issues
  • Build a replicable design system — Create a design system that scales with our product to ensure consistency across similar design patterns in the Dashboard ‍

😀 Who you are

  • Driven by impact: You consistently see the possibility in what could be. The idea that you can make the future better than the present is exciting — and you want to be surrounded by others that share this ambition.
  • Learn by doing: You are motivated by results, and naturally understand which problems are most important to solve first. When challenges arise, you believe the best way to solve them is by tackling them head on.
  • Form deep relationships: You can easily put yourself in others’ shoes and enjoy understanding varying perspectives. You’ve found a result of this tendency are relationships you care about deeply. ‍

✅ What You'll Do

  • Craft delightful customer interactions and journeys
  • Conduct user interviews and tests to gain valuable insights
  • Create design specifications and wireframes
  • Collaborate with the founders and engineering to improve the user experience

✨ Requirements

  • 2+ year experience in UI / UX design at a fast-moving company
  • Experience with Figma
  • Comfortable solving ambiguous, complex problems
  • Ability to understand and interpret data to enhance user experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Bonus points if you have experience at a B2B company
  • Availability to work for 10 - 20 hours per week
  • Opportunity to transition to a full-time role over time

Why you should join Stable

Stable makes it simple to headquarter a business on the internet. Companies like Robinhood, Lugg, and Hipcamp use Stable to maintain their business address, digitize their mailbox, and manage their company from anywhere. To date, over 1000 business addresses and mailboxes have been created with Stable.

The growth we’ve seen has been fueled by a change in the world — no longer is a business tied to physical proximity or geography.

Whether it's to incorporate, open a bank account, sign a contract, or another imperative business task, institutions make antiquated assumptions about the way businesses now operate — requiring physical addresses, demanding wet signatures, communicating through only physical mail.

For modern companies, especially those that have gone virtual, this is a painful experience that doesn't make sense for the new way of work — our mission is to fix this.

Starting with business addresses and mail, we take the complex, archaic systems that make company-building painful and turn them into delightful experiences — so that modern businesses have the tools they need to move forward faster.

We're backed by leading Silicon Valley investors like Y Combinator, Hustle Fund, Remote First Capital and founders from companies like Lattice, Apartment List, and FlexJobs.

This is an opportunity to join an early-stage startup as one of the first employees and have work that directly impacts the future of how companies are built.

Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Sarah Ahmad
Sarah Ahmad
Collin Pham
Collin Pham