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Software Engineering Intern

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Tyler Diaz
Tyler Diaz

About the role

We're looking for software engineering interns excited to solve the challenges necessary to change the way businesses work. The challenges range from building solutions to handle large scale data, creating machine learning models to predict signals like user roles, and creating solutions to problems most of the industry think cannot be solved with today's technology.


  • At least 2 years of university education, or equivalent work experience
  • Balance of specialized knowledge and general concepts. e.g. knowing how React works and (at a high level) how a web request is handled.
  • Ability to write clearly to explain your work to the rest of the team


Every internship at Stackshine centers around a real-world project that our customers urgently need, touching many parts of our operations and stack. You'll be tackling important projects which change the way businesses operate while working alongside exceptional people who insist on doing their best work.

Why you should join Stackshine

Stackshine is building the technology necessary to make autonomous businesses a reality. To pull this off we have to fundamentally change the scale of what can be automated by building a platform which combines IT insights with automation.

Today our platform is critical for dozens of businesses to understand their software spend, its usage across their organization, and automating employee onboarding/offboarding at scale.

Team Size:7
Location:Portland, OR
Tyler Diaz
Tyler Diaz