APIs for parental consent and age verification

First technical hire / CTO at StandardCode

$100k - $150k / 1.00% - 5.00%
San Francisco / Remote
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3+ years
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Daniel Hung
Daniel Hung

About the role


As the first technical hire, you will work directly with both founders and have immediate and meaningful impact to our product and tech infrastructure. We are currently building out the first version of the product for beta customers, so there are many high-level technical decisions to be made. The problems you will face as the first engineer will include:

  • Designing an easy-to-use yet full-featured REST API
  • Architecting data models that will scale well with how our APIs are used
  • Building open source libraries that can be dropped easily into our customers' codebases
  • And many more!

About you

If you...

  1. Want to work on interesting technical problems
  2. Want to build a system from the ground up
  3. Pride yourself in being a generalist

Then this role is for you.

Furthermore, depending on your skillset and level of experience, this role and its associated responsibilities could shift towards a CTO-type role.

If this sounds interesting to you, let's chat!

Why you should join StandardCode

StandardCode is building an identity service that enables software companies to authenticate and authorize users who are children. Our core product is an auth API which:

  1. Automatically collects verifiable parental consent, which is required by global child data privacy law.
  2. Verifies the ages and identities of child users for trust & safety reasons.

Think of us as "Auth0 for children". We want to make user identity and access management safe, legally compliant, and painless for companies that cater to children (e.g. gaming, social, and edtech companies).

We believe that there are a number of nascent trends developing such as:

  • The rising importance of consumer data privacy and
  • The huge explosion of children online due to the pandemic.

These shifts will present a set of problems that StandardCode will be well positioned to solve.