LinkedIn automation and activity tracking for sales teams

Technical Co-founder

$100k - $150k / 1.00% - 10.00%
San Francisco, CA / Remote ()
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6+ years
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Daniel Hung
Daniel Hung

About the role


We are looking for an exceptional engineer to join as a technical co-founder and to own the engineering side of the house. You will be a thought partner with the CEO on all things engineering, product and design.

We have a beta version of the product in the market and have some paying customers and early signs of traction. You will be directly responsible for taking our product from the 0 to 1 phase.

This job is very much a full-stack role. These technical challenges await you:

  • Building easy-to-use yet powerful UI's
  • Architecting data models that will enable workflow automation
  • Analyzing said data to learn how to optimize the associated workflows
  • Any many more!

About You

If you...

  1. Want to build a tangible product and interact with its users to learn how to improve it.
  2. Get excited at the idea of finding product market fit.
  3. Consider yourself a generalist that's willing to work on whatever is needed to push a product forward.
  4. Take an extreme amount of pride and ownership in your work.

Then this role is for you — Let's chat!

Important I believe constant in person communication with coworkers is important, so the ideal candidate will reside somewhere that's ~3 within hours from Pacific Time.

About the interview

The interview process has 2 parts.

Cultural Values Assessment

Since you will be joining as a co-founder, it is extremely important that our cultural values are compatible. We'd love to learn about who you are and what makes you tick.

Technical Assessment

This will consist of:

  1. An hour long coding interview where we will work on a self contained and well scoped problem.
  2. A larger, less defined product engineering problem that will more closely mirror what you will encounter in your day-to-day.

We aren't big on asking clever brainteasers. Instead, both parts of the technical assessment will primarily gauge your ability to engineer high quality code.

Why you should join StandardCode

Our product, AutoCRM, helps sales teams be more efficient when using LinkedIn by doing 2 things:

  1. Automating LinkedIn outreach workflows. This saves time for individual sales reps.
  2. Tracking these workflows in your CRM of choice. This allows sales leaders to get visibility into what their team is doing.

Our product was born out of a need we had doing B2B sales over LinkedIn for a previous (now discontinued) product. We pivoted from our old product and launched AutoCRM privately in April 2022, and are seeing good signs of early traction. We have some paying customers and are constantly iterating based on real user feedback.

We raised a seed round in Q4 2021 and are thankful to be backed by Soma Capital, Level2 Ventures, Wayfinder Ventures, Global Founders Capital, TRAC, amongst other amazing investors.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Daniel Hung
Daniel Hung