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AI Driven Discord Bot Internship

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Nathaniel Tucker

About the role


We are looking for a self starting/learning engineer intern to help with the development of an AI based D&D discord bot. You’ll have responsibility for architecting a great deal of the bot, from the AI to the infrastructure.

About StartPlaying.Games

StartPlaying.Games is all about empowering our users to do what they love, because that is what we want as a team. We want to work with the tools we love, on the products we love.

We are self learners. We cherish the independence of our team members and we want to feel as empowered building this company as our players feel using our product.

We are user empathetic. We love our players and game masters. We deeply learn about their lives and what they value so that we can build a better product.

We are game evangelists. We love stories and games and believe the world would be a better place if we all made some time to play with each other. You’ll seldom have a conversation with us without being invited to a game.

What You Will Do

  • Help choose the tools and technology that will be used in scaling the discord bot
  • Architect and maintain large portions of bot’s infrastructure and interface
  • Work with discord’s and openai’s python modules
  • Help launch the bot and integrate user’s feedback
  • Have a high level of responsibility and work directly with the Founders

Who You Are

  • 1 - 4 years of experience as an individual contributor with python
  • Have strong understanding of sever infrastructure and setting up scalable systems
  • Have experience with mongodb and OAuth
  • Have a strong demonstrated ability to ship products quickly
  • Able to ruthlessly prioritize features and understand what makes a good MVP
  • Have extremely strong user empathy and a constant desire to talk with and understand users
  • Know how to set up a codebase with good engineering practices in your sleep
  • Have a strong sense of design and a tolerance for fast design
  • Love games - we are all Homo Ludens, games help us connect and understand each other

Nice to Haves

  • Previous founding experience
  • Experience at a consumer or marketplace company

Why you should join StartPlaying.Games

✨ Hello! ✨ - At StartPlaying.Games we believe games bring people together. But we also believe that organizing and running amazing games is hard work.

Finding people to host and organize games has always been challenging. Most solutions involve digging through discord servers and forums, which aren't very friendly to new players and require a lot of time and effort. We built StartPlaying.Games to solve this problem.

StartPlaying.Games is a marketplace for finding game masters and other players to play online social games like D&D. We’ve stripped out all the schlep from becoming a professional game master and hosting online games - which means our game masters can focus on what matters most: running amazing games and bringing people together.