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STILT (YC W16) is hiring Principal Infrastructure Engineer

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6+ years
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About the role

Stilt (YC W16) is building an online bank for those typically underserved by the existing credit bureau reporting process, customers who are new to the United States banking system, and those with "thin" or no files. We are a Y Combinator-backed company based in San Francisco, founded by an immigrant team with expertise in finance, technology, and machine learning. We are working hard to make financial services simple for underserved applicants by building an institution that uses cross-country data, better credit risk scoring, and operational efficiency. We have built an industry-leading personal loan offering and since our launch, we have disbursed millions of dollars in loans to customers from 30 different countries.

Improving access to financial services for everyone, especially for the underserved and immigrants, has never been more critical. It is a challenging and fulfilling opportunity for someone looking to make a difference in customers' lives across the world. As we rewrite the approach to banking, we are looking for an experienced engineer who can help us build better tech infrastructure to solve this problem.

As a Principal Infrastructure Engineer, you will:

Lead infrastructure engineering projects to improve banking infrastructure to handle exponential growth. Make sure infrastructure is stable 24x7. Add cloud monitoring solutions to debug infrastructure issues faster and increase the reliability of Stilt's systems. Build close partnerships with other tech teams at Stilt to ensure that Stilt's infrastructure is at the cutting edge of technologies. Mentor, guide, advocate, and support the career growth of other individual contributors in the organization. Contribute to engineering-wide initiatives such as scalability and performance enhancements. You will be a great fit for the role if you:

You are knowledgeable about Kubernetes and its surrounding ecosystem. You have experience deploying and scaling microservices You know NGINX, uWsgi/Gunicorn very well You lean towards a data driven approach to solve dev-ops and infrastructure related problems. You have real-world experience in continuous integration and delivery. You are comfortable coding in python, or you know other languages well enough that picking up python quickly won't be an issue. You have prior experience working with a geographically distributed organization. You understand the tradeoffs of in-delivery design decisions. You have at least 7 years of industry experience across the areas listed above.

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Stilt (dba Onbo)
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Rohit Mittal
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