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Data Engineering at Supabase at Supabase

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6+ years
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Paul Copplestone
Paul Copplestone

About the role

About the role

  • Be the business intelligence star player at Supabase by helping dig deep into the data we are generating. Deep knowledge of SQL and relevant tooling is a must.
  • Help customer success & sales team by working to identify and monitor:
    • Usage Insights
    • Find and segment cohorts based around account level data, behaviour, traffic sources, and measure their subsequent behaviours
    • Find and monitor product qualified leads based around account and behaviour characteristics
    • Customer health segmentation into actionable cohorts (e.g. healthy, churn, at risk)
  • Help identify opportunities high touch, low touch, & tech touch customer success & sales approaches
  • Help sales & customer success identify opportunity for unscheduled outreach
  • Working with internal tooling team to identify and implement solutions for growth, sales, customer success teams needs
  • Help customer success team with data to prepare for client quarterly business reviews
  • Help team put human and automated procedures in place based around data insights
  • Monitoring and measurement of feature usage - maintaining any data pipelines or queries as we continue to update and add features
  • Assisting with setup and measurement of growth experiments

About Supabase

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. We're backed by Y Combinator, Mozilla, Coatue, and a bunch of amazing developers.

Supabase has been one of the fastest growing Open Source companies in the world for the last 5 quarters

Supabase is a platform which makes it incredibly easy to build and scale your projects.

About the team

  • 100% remote. Work anywhere in the world. No location-based adjustment to your salary.
  • Autonomous work. We work collaboratively on projects, but you set your own pace.
  • We're a startup. It's unstructured.
  • Collectively founded more than a dozen venture-backed companies.
  • More than 15 different nationalities.
  • We deeply believe in the efficacy of collaborative open source. We support existing communities and tools, rather than building "yet another xx".
  • We "dogfood" everything. If you use it in your project, we use it in Supabase.

Why you should join Supabase

The open source Firebase alternative.

Supabase adds auth, realtime, and restful APIs to Postgres without a single line of code.

We are a fully remote company.