Open-source AI-agents for doing web research

Superagent is an open-source platform for custom AI-agents that do web research. Companies use us to do better sales, marketing, and project management. The agents can reason, browse the web, and access your files. It's open-source, and it's designed for everyone - not just AI experts. šŸ„· How do companies build their own AI-agents: - No coding or infrastructure needed: Customize AI-agents using simple markup. - Integration with Airtable: Ideal for business users. - API and SDKs: Embed AI-agents into any app or third-party system, e.g. Salesforce. šŸš€ By choosing Superagent, companies can: - Improve Sales: Gather detailed info about potential customers early on. Focus efforts on those most likely to buy, increasing success rates and saving time. - Personalize Marketing: Connect to CRMs to craft custom marketing messages. AI-agents analyze customer data to send offers that match their interests, boosting engagement and sales. - Stay Ahead of Competitors: Track what competitors are doing by analyzing market reports, web activity, and social media. Quickly adjust your strategies, find new market gaps, and offer better products.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Alan Zabihi

CEO & Co-founder of Superagent

Ismail Pelaseyed

CTO & Co-founder of Superagent.

Ismail Pelaseyed
Ismail Pelaseyed

Company Launches

Tl;dr: Superagent makes it easy for anyone to use AI to do complex tasks. Enterprises and startups already use it for things like managing R&D projects, customer support, and market research. It's open-source, and it's designed for everyone - not just AI experts. With Superagent, businesses can save money and work smarter. Learn more about Superagent.

šŸ‘‹ Hello, we're Alan and Ismail. Our path to Superagent started while working on an AI app, where we faced the reality of needing to build the entire tech stack and become AI experts just to perform one basic workflow. This experience led us to create Superagent, aiming to simplify AI use for everyone.

šŸšØ The Problem: AI integration is complex

The reality is, integrating AI into business processes is a complex task. It usually demands teams of machine learning engineers, which is a significant barrier for many companies. Consider a business executive who sees AI as an almost unachievable goal; this perspective can lead them to miss out on the benefits AI could bring to their operations.

šŸš€ Our Solution: Easy-to-build AI-agents

With Superagent, companies can build their own AI agents to perform whatever workflow they have in their business operations:

  • No coding or infrastructure needed: Configure AI agents using simple markup.
  • Integration with Airtable: Ideal for managing data-heavy tasks like market research.
  • API and SDKs: Allows embedding AI agents into any app or third-party system, including task management tools like Jira.

By choosing Superagent, companies can:

  • Automate complex tasks that would typically require manual effort or sophisticated programming.
  • Reduce operational costs by spending less time and fewer resources on routine tasks.
  • Gain a competitive edge by doing better work internally, but also by creating new customer experiences.

šŸ’” Opportunity in Enterprise

Technology, healthcare, and banking are massive sectors with data-heavy operations. Superagent's open-source model has led to bottom-up adoption from these sectors, showing validation of our approach. Join us as we tap into this massive opportunity.

šŸ‘‹ How you can join in

- Fork us on GitHub

- Join our community on Discord

- Create your first AI workflow on our cloud service

- Contact us for custom advice on your workflows

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