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About the role

Do you want to work remotely in a diverse and distributed team in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and have a big impact on a product? Do you want to be part of a high growing scaleup that delivers both a combined service and software platform to brands like Facebook, Amazon, Shopify and Coinbase and help them organize their creative workflows better? We are looking for new members to join us and build the platform for modern creative work!


Superside was founded in 2015 and is backed by Y Combinator, Slack Fund, Freestyle Capital, and High Alpha Capital. The company is scaling rapidly and grew over 340% the last year, and are looking forward to continuing the ride towards becoming a unicorn.

Demand for digital content has exploded with the rapid growth of online advertising and social media. Design and creative has become a huge bottleneck for marketing teams. Marketing teams at large companies often have inefficient processes for managing fast-frequency, iterative creative production. Many companies are still stuck in the TV era (e.g. 1 big campaign per quarter) and not properly set up to handle the large-scale creative production required online, where hundreds of micro-campaigns and thousands of individual assets are needed every month. Design and creative therefore often becomes a bottleneck in these marketing teams, reducing the speed of execution and ultimately slowing company growth.

The Superside software and service helps them “un-bottleneck” creative and ultimately lets the marketing team move much faster, knowing that with a Superside partnership there is almost no chance of missing a deadline. Superside has recruited 250 of the best creatives in the world, from top creative agencies only, working together remotely from 50 different countries. Everyone is working virtually together inside the SuperSpace app, our purpose-built internal creative operations system. Superside has formed deep partnerships with some of the most respected tech brands in the world like Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, Coinbase, and Shopify, and has built an end-to-end creative workflow and collaboration platform to help them organize their creative processes better.

Superside is looking for an ambitious and talented Data Scientist to help us build the data driven future of work. Develop powerful insights from our collaboration with top-tier brands like Shopify, Facebook, Amazon, Red Bull and Salesforce, and drive action and outcomes. Innovate and improve our processes and tech platform, and be a core part of defining and building world leading remote human collaboration.

As a Data Scientist at Superside, you are full-stack. You understand the business, commercial and human contexts of the company, you conceptualize solutions, write production-ready code, deploy algorithms and track performance, you generate, extract and prepare data, you create visualizations and triggers, develop models and drive recommendations, decisions and actions. Using tech and process innovation, we pioneer not only remote collaboration between customers, project managers and creatives around the world, but we redefine and shape the roles and jobs of people worldwide.


  • Work closely with company leadership, founders, and a variety of other roles to explore and develop a deep understanding of our business, our data, and the decision-making processes that can be improved across the organization
  • Own and prioritize a backlog of initiatives, and manage projects, stakeholders, and timelines
  • Work full-stack to design, build, deliver and follow up robust and clear insight that drives action
  • Own all data structures related to Operations, Creative, Talent
  • Design and build end-to-end structures and visualizations to monitor and analyze collaboration bottlenecks, delays, wait-time, iterations, staffing, team utilization, and more, and drive recommendations and actions to innovate and improve processes, tech platform, and roles and responsibilities
  • Design and build next-level people performance management insights to push Superside to the forefront of fair and data-driven talent development, management, and growth
  • Explore building performance prediction models integrating operational insights with talent acquisition and onboarding, as well as many other potential areas
  • Work closely with our Data Engineer and other Data Scientists to design, build, and maintain scalable data models and pipelines


  • BSc or higher within STEM or equivalent experience
  • Previous experience in analytical roles where data is concerned
  • Excellent SQL skills
  • Experience building data processing pipelines (ETL) and BI solutions
  • Well versed with scripting language for analyses (eg python or R) and version control (Git)
  • Highly skilled in using multiple data sources, and the ability to simplify and effectively visualize and communicate complex insights
  • Comfortable with owning project timelines, prioritizing tasks, managing stakeholders, and assessing speed/accuracy tradeoffs
  • Knowledge of statistical concepts used in exploratory data analysis and a strong understanding of experiment assessment, trend and correlation identification techniques (nice to have: machine learning knowledge and/or experience)
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills, good at presenting ideas and discussing solutions in large groups
  • Ability to quickly learn operational process concepts to understand the business perspective
  • Be truth-seeking, enjoy challenging your own hypotheses, with a passionate understanding of biases and how to control for them
  • Strong ability to make decisions under uncertainty and create structure in chaos
  • Action driven, appreciation for data-influenced processes, proactive and customer centric


Superside is right now in a unique position to expand on existing deep customer relationships and we are gradually introducing a customizable creative operations system - specifically built for the large-scale enterprise use case. First iterations of many of these elements are already in place.

This “Creative OS” is structured around 4 distinct functional areas:

Drag&Drop Brief Editor: The customer can configure their own creative briefs per product and define rules for who should be allowed to submit projects.

Assignment, Planning & Project Management: The customer can create automatic assignment rules for incoming projects (e.g. all critical deadline projects should go to Superside) or decide on a per project basis inside the Superside PM tool who should do what. The customer can also plan campaigns, chat internally on an “Epic” level and manage their own non-Superside projects.

Project Execution, Design Commenting & Collaboration: The most important part of the Superside app is the actual project execution, where Superside should impose an opinionated process for how creative projects should be executed in various stages. Commenting by multiple team members should be made easy and centered around the creative use case.

Output, File Management & Result Measurement: Finally, all creative projects need to go where customers can see them, and Superside should make it easy to output projects to Digital Assets Managers, Marketing Clouds, Ad Servers or FB/Google ad managers. The dream is for Superside to eventually “close the loop” and link the actual project result performance back to the creative that has worked on the file.

Along every step of the 4-step framework the customer will also be given the opportunity to create workflows and automations. Inside the Superside’s workflow editor, the customer can break down complex projects into milestones, decision points and automated integrations (e.g. «add final file to DAM», «create Facebook ad-group using final output» or «push final file to email marketing software»). When the customer creates a new project, they select the right workflow template to get started. By automating the process, the customer is free from having to update old process documents and to know what to do when and. Work items are sent to the participants notifying them of what they have new to do, and integrations are executed automatically.

WHY JOIN US? Truly global community with people across 50+ countries Flexibility of working from anywhere in the world Become part of a rapidly growing startup disrupting a massive global industry with a huge market opportunity A fast-moving, trusting, ego-free and truth-seeking environment Have a significant impact on the growth and future of the company Significant future growth opportunity in the role Pioneer the remote and data-driven future of work in a fair, meritocratic and supportive community


Be kind and trusting. We treat everyone with warmth and respect. We are open and transparent. We always start from positive intent and keep it there until that trust is violated.

Seek the truth and be ego-free. Never blindly say “yes, that sounds like a good idea”. We believe disagreement is necessary to achieve progress, as long as our intention is constructive, and not selfish.

Insist on clear, simple solutions. Complex structures are hard to implement, costly to maintain, scale poorly, and difficult to improve. There is no shortage of good ideas to work on.

Know what NOT to do. Conclude, move on, say no. Ineffectiveness comes from endless search for the perfect solution, constant alignment meetings, slow decision-making and doing too many things at once

Decide and take responsibility locally. Whomever is closest to the problem should own up to it and form a forceful opinion of what is the right decision. Management should view its role as enabling others to take the right decision.

Understand good design experience. We are in the business of delivering great design. Therefore, we must appreciate and understand beauty and function - both on and off the job.

Learn, create and have fun. Lets not forget that some of the greatest inventions in the world were the result of play. We’re an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to ethnicity, appearance, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran or disability status.

Why you should join Superside

Superside is a fully remote creative technology company. Enterprises use Superside Creative OS to manage their creative workflows and to work with Superside creatives. We hire top-rated creatives anywhere in the world, and today we have 300 team members in 52 countries.

We primarily work with large US technology companies, and our customers include Amazon, Salesforce, Shopify and Facebook, as well as scale-ups and future industry leaders.