Open source alternative to Auth0 / AWS Cognito / Firebase Auth

Frontend engineer

Remote / Remote (US)
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3+ years
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Rishabh Poddar
Rishabh Poddar

About the role

What kind of work will you get?

We are looking for a ReactJS engineer to take ownership of our website: and our frontend SDKs

Examples of technical tasks:

  • Building and infusing React components into html files generated by Webflow
  • Building responsive React pages from scratch
  • Working on analytics
  • Building and maintaining the infra for our docs
  • Testing for functionality and responsiveness

Bonus tasks:

  • Content writing - blogs, tweets, documentation
  • Product roadmap brainstorming
  • Anything else you want to learn about :)

Why Join?

  • Our market is large - any webapp that requires login
  • Working on open source, and getting paid for it!
  • We are backed by Y Combinator. Have access to some of the best and smartest founders in the world.
  • Work remotely.
  • Our product is interesting in that it's not another mobile or web app. It will form a core infrastructure layer for our users
  • We are solving a big pain point for most developers
  • Get to learn about the most critical aspects of web app security

In terms of funding: We’ve closed our seed round from a top tier US VC firm that specialises in early stage devtools and were over subscribed.

In terms of user growth We’ve seen 25-30% MoM growth over the last couple of months and have companies across the board using SuperTokens in production. We’ve had apps migrate from Auth0, Firebase and Cognito to SuperTokens and are excited by the current momentum.


  • 2+ years in ReactJS
  • Comfortable with css
  • Experience in website load speed optimisation


  • Contributed to open source, or have your own open source repo with a community and many github stars
  • Worked on authentication or authorization before (Keycloak, Auth0, Ory, Okta)

If you like our project, please star us on Github

About SuperTokens

SuperTokens is building open source authentication (as an alternative to Auth0, Firebase and AWS Cognito). Add secure, hassle free authentication to your app in 1 day. We enable startups to launch quicker and focus on their core product offering

  1. We're easier to implement as we take a modular approach - making it possible to pick only the features you need for your use case. This means you need not worry about complications associated with other features (eg: SSO and OAuth if you don’t need it) and this in turn makes it easier to implement and manage SuperTokens.
  2. Developer's can own and manage their user's data.
  3. SuperTokens can be run on your premise for free and also has a generous hosted tier for those who dont want to manage it themselves.

SuperTokens is being used by hundreds of developers across the globe.

Our medium-term goal is to build an open-core authentication solution that is secure, flexible, and most importantly, is very simple to use.

Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco
Rishabh Poddar
Rishabh Poddar
Advait Ruia
Advait Ruia