Webhooks as a service

Fullstack engineer at Svix

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3+ years
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Tom Hacohen
Tom Hacohen

About the role

An experienced full stack engineer that moves fast and is able to build production quality applications covering both the backend and the frontend while taking ownership over whole features.

Why you should join Svix

Svix is SendGrid for webhooks. Webhooks are becoming increasingly important, though they are still a pain to build. Developers need to worry about deliverability, retries, monitoring, security and the developer experience for their users. All of which are different for webhooks compared to the rest of the stack. We turn all of that into a simple API call.

We are well funded and are backed by Y Combinator, a well known VC fund, and top silicon-valley angels.

Required: English proficiency, and we are only hiring in the American timezones.