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Valerie Coffman
Valerie Coffman

About the role


Swayable is a fast-growing, cloud data product that predicts public opinion and the impact of messages and advertising content on it. It is a 20-person team backed by top technology and social impact investors, including Y Combinator. Founded in 2018 by two physics PhDs, it is led by the former Executive Director for Digital Strategy at the New York Times. Clients include major consumer-facing brands (e.g. Amazon, Square, Paramount Pictures), researchers (e.g. MIT, Yale, Stanford), mission-aligned advocacy campaigns (e.g. Democratic Presidential candidates including Biden-Harris 2020), and governments (e.g. state authorities fighting COVID).

Joining Swayable means being on a team whose work changes the course of history. The technology we develop is at the leading edge of transforming some of the world’s most important campaign organizations and enterprises: combatting disinformation, protecting democracy, and supporting the sustainable growth of consumer-facing brands.


This is a uniquely exciting opportunity for somebody to apply their experience in original scientific discovery to critical unsolved problems on public opinion research and causal modeling, with the infrastructure and talent around them to turn results into new discoveries, prototypes and features for some of the world's most important organizations.

The data science R&D lead will manage a focused set of projects, with agile prioritization and sequencing, to advance clearly identified goals. For example: Continual improvement of the accuracy of our modeling of public opinion, such as the prediction of election results, vaccination rates, voter registration, and sales at companies Advanced application of NLP tools and language models to characterize, group and interpret qualitative responses and extract useful classifications from them Developing new data visualization approaches that shed more immediate light on complex phenomena Leveraging the unique quantity and quality of highly structured experimental data on the topics we study to identify the most important new variables for statistical adjustment and control Innovation in the structure of how sources of error (i.e. bias and variance) can be understood and minimized across all public opinion measurements Application of newly developed computational methods to existing datasets in order to assess their potential value in solving unsolved problems in the field Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with external experts in the fields relevant to our work, including our set of existing partnerships with top academic institutions.

They will work closely with the CEO and CTO, both as a sole contributor as well as with collaboration from the data science, engineering and product teams, to develop and rapidly iterate on experiments that test ideas and validate or invalidate hypotheses.

In practice, that will mean establishing a clear understanding of the logic, math and statistics behind the platform's calculations from first principles -- going beyond any "black box" approaches -- and using python notebook prototypes to solve problems, with those prototypes graduating into production code in the platform as the underlying ideas are proven out.


  • Interest in public opinion and survey data as it applies to public-interest advocacy, and openness to commercial applications (e.g. tell us about some blogs or conferences in the field that you’ve found useful?)
  • Familiar with key debates and advances in relevant fields such as statistics, political science, causal modeling, behavior science (e.g. tell us some books or recent insights you’ve found exciting?)
  • Python development experience will be necessary on the job and is strongly preferred as an existing capability (but an enthusiastic commitment to learning it quickly can be considered)
  • Published original science research strongly desired, e.g. PhD work in any field involving experimental quantitative methodological innovation, where findings were exposed to peer review. We are more interested in demonstrated ability to innovate and question assumptions than on familiarity applying existing conventions in social sciences
  • Organized and able to take full ownership of a problem to solve, present very clearly at an appropriate level for the collaborators/audience you're working with, giving relevant context at all times, and leverage input from advisors and company leadership
  • Known for communicating complex ideas simply, focusing laser-like on “so whats”, and adding clarity and clear prioritization to steer team problem-solving
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and creating and communicating especially in presentation form
  • Interested in the product discovery and building


• Full-time, salaried position with bonuses - OR contract-to-hire with specific project goals if preferred • Attractive, fast-growing stock options consistent with being an early team member • 100% healthcare coverage with no employee contribution required • Generous leave and PTO policies • Main working hub in NYC, with other locations in San Francisco, DC, Los Angeles and Portland OR, and flexible "work from anywhere" location policy • Salary commensurate with experience and the stage of our firm, with major upside for outsized success

If this sounds like you, please apply here or drop us a line here with your CV and a brief note explaining why you’re interested and think you’d be a good fit. Candidates from minority and under-represented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Why you should join Swayable

Swayable measures how effectively media content changes minds. Our clients are dramatically increasing the impact of the stories they tell on the world's most important issues.

We are passionate about the power of data to have a positive social impact on advocacy and commerce and are serious about using it responsibly and ethically. We work with organizations and people we care about and our job is to help make them successful.

Swayable is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation and an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from anyone who shares our values and especially encourage women and members of underrepresented groups to apply.