Swayable predicts consumer opinion and the impact of content

Senior Web Engineer (front-end or full-stack) at Swayable

$120k - $190k / 0.00% - 0.25%
San Francisco, New York, Remote / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Valerie Coffman
Valerie Coffman

About the role


Swayable is a data science platform that doubles the impact of advertising by empirically measuring how it changes people's opinions. Our customers include high-profile political campaigns, advocacy organizations, and brands. We launched in 2018 out of Y Combinator, gained immediate traction, and had a significant impact on the 2018 and 2020 US elections. We're now continuing our rapid growth by enabling the same scientific measurement of ads for major global brands. This position is the perfect opportunity to join a fast-moving, high-impact, mission-oriented startup.

Swayable has a “work from anywhere” flexible location policy for all team members. That means each team member chooses where the best place is for them to work. We also have co-working hubs in San Francisco and New York City. To encourage in-person collaboration, the full team has regular colocation weeks, including quarterly on-sites at a chosen single location.

We offer a benefits package that is well above-market. Swayable covers 100% of the health, dental, and vision insurance premiums for full-time employees. We offer generous PTO and parental leave.


Swayable is looking for a Senior Web Engineer (front-end or full stack). In this role, you will work closely with your cross-functional team to advance Swayable’s core products. You’ll build new features and solve novel problems across the spectrum of software engineering, data visualization, and science.

The Senior Web Engineer will report to our CTO, Valerie Coffman, and work within our Scrum-lite work cycles but must be flexible and self-directed enough to get work done on their own.


  • You’ve been building web applications professionally for 5+ years using component-based JavaScript frameworks such as Vue or React.
  • You are fluent in HTML + CSS
  • You understand the concepts of software architecture and can build scalable, performant solutions.
  • You value code quality and write maintainable, testable code.


  • You’ve worked with or have interest in learning data visualization frameworks such as D3.JS.
  • You have experience with Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, and MongoDB.
  • You can lead technical architecture discussions and help drive technical choices.
  • You believe in the scientific method and prefer to use data to drive decisions.
  • You are an adept learner and willing to adopt and adapt to new technologies.
  • You are able to give and receive informed, actionable feedback on both technical and non-technical skills.
  • You are a strong communicator, especially in text. You can write documentation and discuss the tradeoffs of different implementations.
  • You have experience with Python, numpy, scipy, and pandas.

Why you should join Swayable

Swayable measures how effectively media content changes minds. Our clients are dramatically increasing the impact of the stories they tell on the world's most important issues.

We are passionate about the power of data to have a positive social impact on advocacy and commerce and are serious about using it responsibly and ethically. We work with organizations and people we care about and our job is to help make them successful.

Swayable is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation and an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from anyone who shares our values and especially encourage women and members of underrepresented groups to apply.