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Your Sales and Sales Ops team in a unified platform. No setup, Salesforce SSO and go.

Jobs at Synch

New York, NY, US / Remote (New York, NY, US; San Francisco, CA, US)
$125K - $250K
1.00% - 2.00%
1+ years
Team Size:4
Location:New York
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

Daniel Ruiz

CEO at Synch. Previously Compound & Divvy Homes.

Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz

Company Launches

Hey everyone, we’re Asad and Daniel from Synch!

What is Synch?

Synch is a unified sales platform for both your Sales and Sales Ops teams. We work out of the box with Salesforce with no implementation time required.

The World Today

Revenue tech is incredibly fragmented. Almost everyone uses Salesforce, but they don’t build auxiliary products well. This has led to a long tail of point-solution companies that only handle tiny portions of the sales team’s workflows. You buy one product for forecasting, one for pipeline management, another for lead routing, etc.

Additionally, even though all these point solutions pull customer data from a common spot (Salesforce), none of them "talk to each other."

We are building a company that gives you each of those SKUs while also giving you the tools to manage your SFDC environment. We want you to spend less time worrying about your tools and systems and more time worrying about your leads and prospects.

In our previous roles, it became increasingly clear that more time was spent on non-revenue generating activities than selling. Sales leadership spends an inordinate amount of time managing their tech stack, evaluating new vendors, and training their team on using tools - all at the expense of closing deals.

Our Solution

For your Sales team, we offer many different SKUs with a shared analytics suite so leaders can spend less time evaluating multiple vendors. Today, we offer forecasting, deal review, pipeline management, alerts, lead assignment, and other features that require zero implementation time. We share data between these products so information from our dashboarding tool (AE demo conversion rates) can automatically adjust your round-robin setup in your lead routing tool — "Turn my round robin into a 55-45 in favor of Tommy because he has a better close rate over the last two weeks", as an example.

On the SalesOps side, we provide you with tools to manage and maintain your SFDC instance. You can turn plain-text inputs into built-out Apex Code or flows, get robust dashboards with only a few clicks, and manage your Salesforce schema without ever needing to go into Salesforce.

All of this works out of the box with SFDC. Just SSO & Go.


Feel free to grab time directly on my calendar here if you want to learn more, or check out our blog post: https://www.withsynch.com/blog/announcing-synch.

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