Synthetic Minds

Program synthesis for increasing worker productivity

Intern, Software Engineering

San Francisco or Seattle / Remote
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Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Saurabh Srivastava

About the role

Synthetic Minds is building systems to help increase employee productivity - by accelerating training, capturing institutional knowledge, and leveraging complementary automation.

In this internship, the candidate will work alongside the founder and a strong 8-person engineering team. The founder has a PhD in program synthesis with 900+ citations to their work. The engineering team has prior experience at the top-5 tech companies.

A wide spectrum of intern projects are available - ranging from frontend and backend work on the core product to building up adjacent support systems. The intern experience will emphasize utilizing best practices and working effectively as a software engineer in a small team.

Team is fully remote but is generally centered in the SF Bay Area and Seattle.



  • Rising Junior or senior with a major in Computer Science at a US university.
  • Strong fundamental CS curriculum knowledge.
  • Strong proficiency writing Python.
  • Note: We are open to non-traditional backgrounds when evidence of ability is available.

Skills/interests relevant to currently conceived projects:

  • compilers
  • graph databases
  • enhancing user privacy/security
  • React, GraphQL, Redux, PostgreSQL
  • AWS

Why you should join Synthetic Minds

Synthetic Minds is building techniques that auto-generate software, for specific verticals, using very little input. The tech is called program synthesis. We are currently in stealth-mode applying program synthesis to an enterprise use case.

In Oct 2018, we raised a $5.6M seed round from Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures and Pantera Capital. (Note that we are not working on smart contracts anymore.) This is the founder’s 2nd YC startup and they have a PhD in the domain, and have written the most influential paper of the last decade on this topic (SIGPLAN award and retrospective blog post).

The team is qualified: Henele leads engineering and has 10+ yrs of experience (at Google, FB, Parse), Noah leads product and was CPO for 10+ yrs at his previous company, Will has been doing frontend engineering for 15+ yrs. Cori comes from Tufts, and Ellie from Yale, Arthur did a PhD at UCB, and Helgi got a PhD from UW.