Warpdrive by Synthetic Minds

From screen recordings to desktop automations using program synthesis

Rust engineer for low-level Windows systems programming

$125k - $180k
Seattle/SF / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role


You will be working on Windows COM and Win32 APIs in rust through windows-rs.



  • Experience with performant Rust programming.
  • Experience with Windows COM and Win32 programming.
  • BS/MS in Computer Science.
  • 2+ years of software development experience.
  • Strong knowledge of CS fundamentals and the ability to apply that knowledge.
  • Embraces with good developer practices (CI/CD, code review, unit-testing, etc.).
  • Remote candidates need to be in the US.


  • 4+ years of software development experience.
  • Experience working with Win32 COM UI Automation library.
  • Experience working with Mac OS X Automation library.

Compensation and Benefits

We value our team, and we value diversity. We are well-funded with a good runway. Our compensation plan is designed to reward our employees and support their families as much as possible, for a company at our stage:

  1. Benefits. We provide the best medical, dental, and vision insurance available.
  2. Compensation package for salary and equity. We will put together the right package based on your profile and your needs.
  3. Choose your work style. (a) We have been WFH and work very effectively remotely. (b) We have an open vacation policy. Take what you need to recharge. Everybody is required to take a two week minimum. (c) Paid parental leave.
  4. Work setup. We provide an ergonomic work setup for you to be as productive as possible.

Why you should join Warpdrive by Synthetic Minds

What if you could turn your screen recording into an unattended automation, or on-screen guides for your coworkers? That is exactly what we allow you to do. We take the recording, run a compiler to analyze it, synthesize a program from that analysis, and create an automation or guide within seconds.

You'll get to work on a hard technical problem, with an exciting tech stack involving compilers, program synthesis, theorem proving, at the backend; and an electron app on the frontend and Rust for low-level systems programming.

The product is ready to be deployed, and we will be heading into growth mode in the 2nd half of 2021.

This is the founder’s 2nd YC startup and they have a PhD in program synthesis, and have written the most influential paper of the last decade on this topic (SIGPLAN award and retrospective blog post).

We are all engineers, with lots of experience. Henele has 10+ years of experience between Google, and Parse. Noah was the CPO at his last company for 10+ years. Will has done frontend engineering for 15+ years and in his spare time runs a youtube channel teaching the same. Cori, Ellie, and Arthur are qualified software engineers working on the backend.

Warpdrive by Synthetic Minds
Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco