Taiv uses AI to make the TVs in bars and restaurants more profitable

Full Stack Software Engineer at Taiv

195 McPhillips St. Winnipeg, MB R3E 2K2
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis

About the role

Taiv (YC W20) lets anyone buy a super targeted TV commercial for $300. We're a seed-stage startup that's quickly growing and approaching our Series A early next year. We're looking for brilliant software engineers that want to help redefine the industry. We offer competitive pay, generous equity and benefits.

🔎 Who We're Looking For

We're looking for a full-stack developer who works hard and wants to get in early and grow with the company. We develop hardware, firmware, web, android, and ML. Your role will be mostly focused on Android, web, and backend, but we're a small team and everyone wears a lot of hats. There's always room to grow into whichever area you enjoy the most!

As a founding engineer, you'll be integral in solving our toughest problems and building systems that will scale to millions. You'll have lots of responsibility and ownership of the projects that you work on.

✅ Requirements

  • Experience designing, testing, building and deploying projects
  • Hardworking & a fast learner
  • Loves startups and wants their work to have an impact 🙂

📈 Bonus

  • Experience with OpenCV & computer vision
  • Experience building scalable systems
  • Strong multi-threaded Java skills
  • Entrepreneurially minded

⚙️ Our Tech

We have really cool tech - we build our own hardware and use a heuristics-based computer vision approach for classification. We’re the first (and only) company in the world that can detect TV commercials accurately.

Our detection algorithm runs on our custom-designed TV box that we manufacture in-house. We have hundreds of boxes deployed and are installing more every day.

We also have several web apps built in React that are used by our customers, as well as for internal operations.

📚 Our Stack

  • Android (Java, c, c++)
  • OpenCV
  • React / React Native
  • Firebase
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • AWS (S3, Cloudfront)
  • Bash
  • Circleci

You don't need to know all of these, but what you don't know, be ready to learn quickly!

About Taiv

What We Do

Taiv uses ML to make TV commercials as targeted and accessible as Facebook ads. We’re democratizing TV by letting anyone advertise for as little as $300.

Why It Matters?

We think that all ad channels should be accessible to everyone. Right now, only big companies can buy TV spots, plus they are poorly targeted and hard to track. We want to change that and transform a $150bn market in the process. We also share the revenue with the people who own the TVs, which we think is the way that advertising should work.

Cool, But How Does It Work?

We partner with bars and install custom hardware, which attaches to their cable box and uses computer vision to detect commercials in real-time (more about that below). When it cuts to commercial break, we dynamically insert ads that are perfect for that environment. We sell the ads at a premium and then give the bars 30%.

Check it out:

We’re a 22-employee in-person team who genuinely enjoy working together. We look for smart, passionate, and driven people who want to build something amazing. We have a fun culture and strive to create an easy-going work environment. We’ve raised ~$4M in funding, and are targeting a series A in Q2 2022.

Team Size:19
Location:Winnipeg, Canada
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis
Noah Palansky
Noah Palansky
Avi Stoller
Avi Stoller