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Software Engineer Intern

Singapore / Remote
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Youmin Kim
Youmin Kim

About the role

We develop high quality web applications for small businesses. It includes shopping-cart website, CRM, and 3rd party payment and logistic integrations (imagine Shopify).

We use these technologies: React.js, NextJs, Vercel, and Google Cloud

Founder Youmin who was Engineering Manager at Facebook and he brought lean, move-fast, and open engineering culture. Software Engineers at Take App define and build product features themselves.

We are still small team (3 engineers and 1 sales) and growing fast.

We are fully remote-working company. We prefer people from Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Working-level English speaking is required.

We are in YC W22 batch.

Learn more https://take.app

Why you should join Take App

Take App is Shopify for local sellers in SE Asia; today, they take orders via WhatsApp messages. We lets them build a lightweight ecommerce site so they can take orders online.

Founder Youmin Kim is ex-Facebook Engineering Manager who launched Facebook Marketplace and Messaging Commerce in SE Asia.

We are supporting more than 10K sellers from 30 countries.

Our customers are local sellers such as restaurants and groceries. For example, a restaurant in Indonesia created their website and told us that they are saving 2 hours everyday.

Future commerce is conversational and SE Asia already started it with WhatsApp. Our vision is to build a platform to automate conversational commerce.


Take App
Team Size:4
Youmin Kim
Youmin Kim