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Growth Marketing Intern

SG / Remote (SG)
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Youmin Kim
Youmin Kim

About the role

Take App is a rapidly scaling e-commerce platform, uniquely optimized for WhatsApp and backed by Meta, with a service reach in over 100 countries. Our mission focuses on empowering small business worldwide, especially in burgeoning markets across Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

We are seeking Growth Marketing Intern who will play a crucial role in our market expansion efforts such as content marketing, lead generations and user onboarding.

This internship will give you an understanding of the inner workings of a high-velocity and product-led startup. Perfect for future entrepreneurs or anyone eager to make their mark in the startup world.


  • Content creation/strategy for performance marketing
  • Generate leads from social media, community, and email/WhatsApp automations
  • Onboard new customers with product demo


  • Must be in Singapore, available for in-office work two days weekly, with valid work eligibility.
  • Quick adaptation to new tools (e.g., AI, SQL, automation, analytics)
  • Language skills in Spanish, French, Arabic or Portuguese are big plus

About Take App

Ecommerce for WhatsApp. Backed by Meta. Founder Youmin Kim is ex-Facebook Engineering Manager who launched Facebook Marketplace and Messaging Commerce in SE Asia.

Take App
Team Size:6
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Youmin Kim
Youmin Kim