Manage your team’s product development, from idea to release.

Jobs at Tara AI

$1,200k - $160k
6+ years
San Jose, CA / Remote
$120k - $140k
6+ years

Why you should join Tara AI

We believe software should work for you. Yet, product development software has remained unchanged for the past 20 years; it’s difficult to use, requires heavy configuration and takes engineering time away from true, productive work.

At Tara, we’re designing simple yet powerful software to solve complex problems around product delivery. We've built a smart platform that's helping thousands of engineers and teams deliver on planned releases, with improved predictability.

We're a founding team of seasoned engineers and product folks, building for innovators. We're passionate about enabling engineers and builders that create the platforms the world uses, everyday. Our investors include Y Combinator, Acrew and Slack Fund.

Tara AI
Team Size:26
Location:San Jose, CA
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed
Iba Masood
Iba Masood