Fivetran for security data

Founding Engineer: Backend (Senior & Staff)

$100K - $200K / 0.50% - 3.00%
Remote (US)
Job Type
6+ years
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Sunny Rekhi
Sunny Rekhi

About the role

You'll wear many hats, so this is a generalist role -- we'll need someone who is strong in backend and infrastructure engineering, and knows enough frontend engineering to be dangerous.

What You’ll be Doing

  • Build integrations to a suite of security tools, SaaS audit logs, and identity applications
  • Reduce latency of our end to end data processing by optimizing reads from source systems and writes to destination systems
  • Help manage a team of overseas contractors
  • Supporting our customers via Slack + triaging their feature requests

What You Should Have

  • Experience architecting systems for high scale data applications
  • Experience with AWS (Azure and GCP are a plus)
  • Experience working with cloud data warehouses like Snowflake or BigQuery
  • Experience managing a team (either reports or contractors)
  • Experience with Java, Python, Kubernetes

About the interview

First off, please see our culture doc to see if it's a good fit: https://tarsal.notion.site/Tarsal-s-Culture-1d0327a016da4b60a40aca8dbf1d4070

If so, you'll do one 30m meet-and-greet chat with our cofounder/CEO. If that goes well, we'll set up a 45m deep dive on your work experience and how it relates with our challenges.

Then, we'll do a 45m system design interview. We'll give you constraints and ask you to design a system, and then we'll change the constraints and work with you on how the system design should change. This will be an exercise to see how you think, but also how we work together.

That's it! If that goes well, we'll do a couple reference checks and then extend a full time hire. We can move as fast as you need.

About Tarsal

Tarsal is the first data pipeline built for security teams. It's like Fivetran, but specifically for security data.

In just a few months, we've launched with major enterprises and are literally turning away customers because we can't handle the load. We desperately need to beef up our infrastructure so we can continue winning the market.

To that end, we're hiring rockstar engineers :)

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Sunny Rekhi
Sunny Rekhi