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Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack at Taste

New York, New York
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3+ years
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Jeff Chen
Jeff Chen

About the role

At Taste, our mission is to make great food easily accessible. In this exciting early stage role, you’ll get to work directly with the founders to build a business from the ground up. Co-founder & CEO Jeff Chen has started and exited two tech companies previously. He built the largest Voice Assistant app on Android, which was acquired by Google and a suite of very popular Facebook apps, which was acquired by Zynga. Taste is a very exciting project because it’s at the junction of tech and food, which is part of everyone’s daily life and a category that’s undergoing massive change due to delivery, ghost kitchens, and an entrepreneurial energy ignited by the pandemic. Taste is a meritocratic organization building the restaurant and delivery infrastructure of the future, which will look very different 10 years from now. By joining the founders at the early stage, you can have a strong influence on its future.

Taste is a SaaS tool to help restaurateurs identify the most profitable locations to launch new restaurants and an online marketplace where diners can order dinners from restaurants, shipped nationwide. Amazing chefs can now serve hundreds of millions of diners outside of their physical restaurant. Food lovers, people who live far away, and parents with small kids can now easily access food from the best chefs in major cities. Just tap your phone and an amazing dinner is freshly made and shipped to you anywhere in the US.

We're backed by Y Combinator and closed a $2.3M seed round from top investors, including the founder of Caviar, Mitch Kapor, and execs from Google and Facebook. Our restaurant partners include award-winning chefs from Michelin Plate and Michelin Star restaurants Houseman, Huertas, Baar Baar, Marea, Casa Enrique and we’re onboarding new partners every week.

Your responsibilities:

  • Design and implement software that diners and restaurants love, which impacts the healthy recovery of restaurants and brings joy to everyday people
  • Architect and implement big data systems that crawls and injects millions of data points and pipelines in to a beautiful and easy-to-use interface
  • Lead new efforts in mobile on both iOS and Android
  • Build intelligent systems on top of our data systems using ML and NLP (no ML experience necessary, we're happy to teach!)

Key qualifications:

  • Loves amazing food and restaurants
  • Interested in democratizing high end dining so it can be available to everyone
  • Experience building, deploying, and maintaining systems at scale
  • Deep understanding of system design, data structures, and algorithms
  • 2+ years of experience in software engineering
  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science
  • Comfortable with Python, JavaScript

Nice to have:

  • Prior experience with large scale data processing
  • Prior experience with Django, statically typed Python, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Prior experience with iOS and Android development
  • Experience with developing and running large scale distributed storage systems, service oriented architectures, and reliable monitoring and deployment infrastructure.
  • Familiarity with geospatial datasets and services, such as maps, local search, points of interest and business listings data, mobile device location and GPS traces.


  • Competitive salary and large equity stake

About Taste:

Joining Taste means you’ll be at the epicenter of a movement to help the best chefs expand their reach and make great food easily accessible.

Chefs want our service because we help them reach hundreds of millions of diners who love their art and diners love us because we make the best restaurants easily accessible in the home. Before Taste, amazing chefs could only serve people who fit in their physical restaurant and there’s often a line out the door and a long waitlist for reservations at peak times. Now, they can break the limitations of space and time and build a better business.

For diners like us, Taste lets you skip the commute into the city, do away with logistics and reservations, and simply enjoy amazing cuisine at home.

We’re a technology-focused company that’s making an impact in the real world. As a member of the founding team, you’ll be working with three-time founders with multiple exits. We’re well funded by top-tier investors and located in NYC.

More Info: https://www.gettaste.com/about-us

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gettastenow/

Why you should join Taste

Taste is an online marketplace where you can order dinner kits from great restaurants anywhere in America. Next time you want to have a nice dinner at home, instead of cooking for hours or getting crappy takeout, you can have a fun multi-course dinner from a quality restaurant.

Taste's mission is to make restaurants more accessible. Today, Taste is helping restaurants thrive in these tough times by offering unique tasting menus to customers on delivery. Our customers get fine dining at home experiences with food cooked by Michelin Star restaurants. Our engineering team is from Google and Tesla and has previously built 3 multimillion dollar companies. We are based in NYC.