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Tempo Labs

AI design tool like figma which can edit any react codebase

Tempo empowers anyone to generate and edit high-quality react code using natural language prompts and a visual code editor. This helps developers stay focused on writing business logic rather than CSS, helps designers ship pixel-perfect UIs without engineering, and helps teams move 10X faster by eliminating the design->code translation process.

Jobs at Tempo Labs

$42K - $63K
3+ years
Tempo Labs
Team Size:2
Location:Toronto, Canada
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

Kevin Michael

Spent the last 5 years as founding engineer and head of product at Perpetua ($150M exit). Previously product fellow at Social Capital and engineer on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft. I've tried every low-code tool on the market and not a single one does a good job integrating with existing production codebases. I'm obsessed with solving this problem at Tempo and using AI to turn anyone into a 10X engineer.

Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael
Tempo Labs

Peter Gokhshteyn

Passionate about building great products fast. Joined Perpetua ($150M exit) 6 years ago as employee #3 and led the engineering team from idea to PMF. Previous worked as a software developer at Google, Bloomberg & Zynga.

Peter Gokhshteyn
Peter Gokhshteyn
Tempo Labs

Company Launches

TL;DR: Tempo is an AI design & prototyping tool which contributes high-quality react code directly to your codebase. You can use tempo to generate complete views using simple AI prompts, polish & control design details visually, and build a high quality design system using your existing components. Sign up here to give it a try: https://www.tempolabs.ai/.

Here’s a 2-min demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qQJKQJq7Jk

Hey Everyone, Kevin & Peter here, we’re the founders of Tempo Labs.

The Problem

While building our last startup (Perpetua), we spent a lot of time looking for ways to speed up the pace of our development and prototyping. We tried every low-code tool on the market and were constantly disappointed by how poorly they integrated with our existing codebase. Figma ended up being our de facto tool for testing concepts but Figma prototypes always felt low-fidelity and took way too long to ship to production.

The Solution

Tempo is the design and prototyping tool we wish existed. Tempo integrates with any react project and empowers designers to collaborate with engineers directly on the codebase. Powered by AI, tempo generates 60%-80% of the front-end code required for any feature so engineers are free to focus on writing business logic rather than css. By eliminating the design->code translation process we help teams ship their ideas to production 10X faster.

The Ask

If you’re building a react app and are interested in testing us out please email me at kevin@tempolabs.ai. If you already have a design system we’ll give you a visual playground to build new views, if you don’t, we’ll help you implement one! If your app looks like crap, or your codebase feels hard to maintain, get in touch - we’ll help you level up your front-end using AI :)

The Deal

Sign-up before demo day and get 70% off for the first 6 months!