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Implementation Strategist

london, UK
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Any (new grads ok)
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Raouf Yousfi
Raouf Yousfi

About the role

Have you ever thought of how Spotify could personalise song recommendations based on your heart rate? Or how Netflix could recommend movies based on your stress levels ? Or how engineers could build data models to predict disease and researchers discover drugs using physiological data? Think of how personalised medicine, nutrition, fitness, consumer tech… would be by accessing real time physiological data. We are creating the simplest API to enable that reality to exist.

We are a small team of super ambitious individuals from different nationalities. We define ourselves as radically transparent individuals with go-get-it attitude, relentless, disciplined, accountable, respectful, helpful and genuinely nice.

About the role:

• Help prospective customers understand different use cases on how they could utilize Terra’s API to bring added value to their product.

• Collaborate with engineers to better understand technical details and stay up to date with new product releases.

• Conduct calls with potential customers and manage customer buying journey from start to finish.

• Keep CRM system up to date with customer information, forecasts, and pipeline data so we can learn more about our business and our sales process.

• Research potential use cases in fitness and wellness space to help our customers build innovative solutions and features on top Terra’s API.

• Organise and attend events, webinars, conferences and discover different of sources of potential customers for Terra.

Must haves: Your degree does not matter, we come from different backgrounds. Your nationality does not matter, we are a team of 10 people from 8 different nationalities. What you wear does not matter, we know nothing about fashion • Bachelor’s degree • No prior experience required • Strong written and verbal communication skills • High level of organisational skills • Must have high standards. We think customers first and so should you. • Must be relentless. We never stop, so you are even faster than us. • Must be driven and go above and beyond. • Must be prepared to challenge us and disagree. We are thinking and acting as a team. • Must be able to work autonomously. • Last but not least, you are genuinely a nice person.

Why you should join Terra

Terra makes it easy for apps to access fitness and health data from wearables. We do this through a single API that connects thousands of devices and services.

We are here for the doers, the fast movers, the hyper logical ones.

The Problem:

Fitness and health data are sitting in silos in companies like Oura, Fitbit and Garmin. To access them, developers today are spending significant resources on building tens of integrations. At the same time, there are multiple updates from the data suppliers, and hence it’s a repetitive task that needs constant supervision.

Team Size:10
Location:London, United Kingdom
Kyriakos Eleftheriou
Kyriakos Eleftheriou
Raouf Yousfi
Raouf Yousfi