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Full Stack Developer

London, UK
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1+ years
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Kyriakos Eleftheriou
Kyriakos Eleftheriou

About the role

We are creating the simplest API to enable every developer to access fitness and health data from wearables and sensors. As easy as Stripe.

You will be responsible for building the product.

Infrastructure. This involves work with AWS, API gateways, testing, and deploying the solution

Backend work. This involves work on Python and Flask, to ship fast new features.

Frontend work. This involves work on React, to interface the clients within apps.

Must haves.

-Must have done this before. You built APIs, you know how it works. You wrote in Python, and you built on AWS in the past.

-Must be fast. We operate at 200mph, and so do you.

-Must be relentless. We never stop, so you have to keep up.

-Must have high standards. We think customers first and so should you.

-Must be driven and go above and beyond.

-Must be able to explain and communicate clearly.

-Must be prepared to challenge us and disagree. We are a team, and so you are joining one.

-Must be able to work autonomously.

-Must want to work hard.

-Last but not least, you are genuinely a nice person.

Big plus You are an athlete, or care about quantifying your data

Big plus 2 You want to be the next Iron Man

Why you should join Terra

Terra makes it easy for developers to access fitness and health data from wearables and sensors. We do this through a single API that connects thousands of devices and services.

We are here for the doers, the fast movers, the hyper logical ones.

The Problem:

Fitness and health data are sitting in silos in companies like Oura, Fitbit and Garmin. To access them, developers today are spending significant resources on building tens of integrations. At the same time, there are multiple updates from the data suppliers, and hence it’s a repetitive task that needs constant supervision.