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Principal Full Stack Engineer

$140 - $220K / 0.50% - 1.00%
Remote (US)
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6+ years
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Scott Fortmann-Roe
Scott Fortmann-Roe

About the role

A founding team engineering hire, we're looking for a strong full-stack engineer to own development of key front-end and back-end components of our application.

For us, ownership means not only owning the engineering side, but also a lot of the product thinking too. We have a core philosophy that tech and product go hand in hand.

On a tech side, you should:

  • Be a great Javascript developer with experience with React
  • Be experienced with Google Cloud Platform
  • Be proficient with SQL

Since you'll be responsible for a lot of product thinking too, you also need to:

  • Love talking to users and working out how to solve their problems
  • Understand business needs and figure out the technical solutions to solve them
  • Have an eye for design and be comfortable designing your own UI's and own solutions

About Text Blaze

Text Blaze let's users create templates and insert them anywhere on the web using keyboard shortcuts. Snippets can include dynamic functionality like forms, formulas, real-time input and integrations with other apps.

Text Blaze
Team Size:9
Location:San Francisco
Dan Barak
Dan Barak
Scott Fortmann-Roe
Scott Fortmann-Roe