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Chai Mishra
Chai Mishra

About the role

Tik Tok Creator at The Essential

The Essential is seeking a charismatic and friendly individual to become the creator behind The Essential’s TikTok channel.

This is a partially on-camera position. Candidates must be familiar with TikTok, have experience in producing social video content, and possess strong video editing skills.

This position is part-time, hourly, contract, and remote. The hourly needs of this position will be dependent on the amount of content being created –– ranging from 5-15 hours a week.

Preferred Experience

  • Experience with producing content and video editing
  • Charismatic and comfortable on film presence
  • Comfortable with and willing to be on-camera talent
  • Willingness to commit to being The Essential’s brand representative for TikTok
  • Creativity necessary to pitch and execute on videos
  • Ability to coordinate videos as needed, including script writing, interviewing and editing
  • Ability to ideate video content, develop and manage a content calendar

About The Essential

The Essential is e-commerce 2.0.

What we do We make and sell the single best version of all your essentials, at the best price possible.

How we do it We're not an "everything store."We sell only the essentials, we're members-only and we only sell our own brand. We cut out the middlemen, the brands, the physical stores and the markups — to make products cost a lot less, all while paying the producer more.

Why we do it To add meaning to people’s lives through products they use and love, made by people who know and care, with stories that matter, and means that are honest.

The Essential
Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Chai Mishra
Chai Mishra