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Sales Operations Intern

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Ana Robakidze
Ana Robakidze

About the role

Our team at Theneo is looking for a sales operations intern who will assist our sales and customer success team. We're a small but experienced team, you will be working with team members who worked for companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and much more. You will work closely with the founders to help us scale our product to millions of developers. We welcome your innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to strengthen our growth mindset culture that is grounded in customer obsession, diversity, and inclusion.

What we do

Theneo is an AI-powered tool that generates high-quality, interactive, beautiful API documentation in just a few clicks. Our idea started with a simple notion “let’s give everyone the same quality API doc that Stripe has” and it became more than that, today we are working on not only delivering the best platform to generate a high-quality API doc but we are also automating the content writing process for developers.

What You’ll Do

You'll work with the CEO to ensure that our sales and customer success teams have the tools, systems, and processes they need to effectively engage prospects, close deals, and add value to our customers. You'll flourish in a fast-paced atmosphere, where you'll be prepared to tackle a wide range of organizational, analytical, and instructive responsibilities.


  • Assist the Sales Operations team with day-to-day sales and customer success support, including basic system administration responsibilities.
  • Maintain an internal knowledge base to enable quick access to up-to-date resources relevant to fundamental systems and processes for sales and customer success.
  • Produce sales communications to aid change management activities.
  • Assist in identifying pain spots and inefficiencies that will be addressed through the project management process of the team.

Skills and Experience Required

  • Current student pursuing studies in a related field
  • Excellent attention to detail and multi-tasking abilities
  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and vocal
  • Self-motivated and able to work swiftly and effectively manage time

Why you should join Theneo

At Theneo we are passionate about high-quality API documentations. We believe that there should be easy-to-use tools for generating Stripe-like API documentations. As a result, we are developing features to make the writers’ work less technically demanding and developers’ work less writing intensive.

Team Size:10
Location:Seattle, WA
Maria Doliashvili
Maria Doliashvili
Ana Robakidze
Ana Robakidze