Makes it easy for tech platforms to embed insurance into products

Senior Software Engineer (remote, US or EU timezones)

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6+ years
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Matheus Riolfi
Matheus Riolfi

About the role

Who are we?

Tint is Stripe for Insurance. We empower tech platforms to sell more by embedding unique insurance and guaranteeing products that protect their end-users. We help companies such as Deel, Outdoorsy, Guesty, Neighbor, Boatsetter, and Riders Share, among others, unlock the growth of their core business and improve profitability with insurance.

Our product provides everything needed to run an insurance program, from setting underwriting rules to managing customers' policies to managing claims. All are available through a simple API and a no-code app.

We've raised $30M and are backed by world-class investors such as Y Combinator, QED, Deciens, Nyca, Plug and Play, WIN, Soma Capital, Pioneer Fund, and angels such as Vikram Pandit (former CEO Citigroup) and founders/CEOs of Oscar Health, Sun Microsystems, Zuora, Gusto, Kin, Turo, Mercury, Wepay, Ramp, amongst others.

With Tint, our customers provide protection for their end-users when something unexpected happens. They can include this coverage for free or provide it as an add-on. To date, we’ve helped millions of users get peace of mind.

What will you do?

You will join one of the Tint pods. Pods are product teams working on a specific feature of the platform. Each pod gathers engineers, designers, and product managers. They all have high autonomy to answer our customers' needs.

Your main goal is to find solutions to fulfill our customer requirements. You are the privileged interlocutor within your pod. You help figure out the easiest and most reliable way to implement a new feature on the platform and to solve its ambiguity.

With a strong technical background, you are able to reason about the design of the platform and understand the impact of its code changes. You would strive to reduce technical debt as much as possible, structuring the code in a scalable and maintainable way.

You are responsible for the technical part of your pod, including your pod's internal documentation and the engineering learning processes (retrospectives, technical discussions, etc.). You would also lead and execute all the major refactorings required to speed up your team.

You would also mentor more junior engineers. You would help them ramp up to productivity as fast as possible, either as an onboarding buddy or as a pod lead engineer.

Sharing knowledge is one of the pillars of our engineering culture. We expect you to also contribute to this knowledge. Writing internal documentation, being an onboarding buddy, driving peer programming sessions... There are plenty of ways to improve internal knowledge. But, we also expect you to share knowledge outside Tint, through blog posts, talks, open-source contributions, etc.

You don't need to be familiar with all our technical stack. Yet, we expect that you ramp up quickly on these technologies. Our stack is based on Node: we are using React, GraphQL, Express, or Terraform (to handle our AWS stack).


  • At least 5 years of past professional experience as a software engineer (not necessarily in the insurance industry)
  • Fast learner to ramp up quickly on our insurance domain
  • Stay informed about the current industry state of the art
  • Capable of scoping down bigger initiatives to more actionable parts
  • Ability to provide relevant feedback, both on feature requests and on the technical side
  • Good English level: we are an international team, and we communicate only in English
  • Desire to mentor more junior developers and help them grow up
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Good fit for remote working
  • Having a technical blog or maintaining some open-source projects is a plus


  • 100% remote team: work from anywhere (EU and US Time zones)
  • Competitive salary
  • Generous equity grant
  • Co-working stipend
  • Equipment package
  • Company-sponsored team retreats in exotic destinations
  • Health Benefits (US only)

About the interview

The Tint hiring process aims to be as short as possible. We'll take less than a day of your time before proposing you an offer if everything goes well. Here are the 6 steps of our process:

1. Screening call (1h30)

Let's chat together to ensure our expectations are aligned.

2. Product Sense (30 minutes)

During this call, you will collaborate with our Product Lead to find the solutions fulfilling a customer requirement. You will bring your technical expertise to find the best product approach.

3. Technical interview (4h)

This technical interview is a good opportunity for you to show us your technical capabilities. Don't worry, it won't be a theoretical whiteboard interview asking you for a sorting algorithm. Instead, it will be inspired by our real-world tasks, such as creating a React component or implementing a new API route.

It consists of three parts:

  1. Setup of the project and introduction to the code base by a Tint engineer (30 to 60 minutes)
  2. Offline implementation of the feature (~2h): Offline here means without the Tint engineer. You have of course full access to all the resources you need, and even to your assigned Tint engineer in case of functional questions.
  3. Debrief (~30 to 60 minutes) of your implementation with a Tint engineer. We'll also review why you chose this specific implementation, and what would have been the alternatives depending on other requirements.

4. Culture fit calls (1h):

Two 30 minutes calls with both Matheus Riolfi (CEO) and Jérôme Selles (CTO) of Tint.

5. Reference Checks:

We'll check with your current and/or former manager how well you did in your past positions.

6. Offer

Congratulations! You receive an offer to join Tint!

Why you should join Tint

Tint.ai empowers any company to embed insurance into their products to protect their users while increasing profitability. Our AI-powered platform provides APIs, no-code underwriting engine, light-weight policy admin, and access to insurance partners that are required to design and launch modern insurance products that improve customer experience and profitability.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Matheus Riolfi
Matheus Riolfi
Jérôme Selles
Jérôme Selles